Tips For Nurturing STEM Skills at Home With Your Children

By Alice Duthie
on 26 August 2023

In today’s rapidly advancing world, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills have become key building blocks of innovation and success, preparing children for a future filled with possibilities.

Introducing children to STEM-based play, conversation and observation has far-reaching benefits, helping to build their social and emotional intelligence, and confidence in participating in STEM subjects as they further their education. Young children are naturally drawn to problem solve and explore the world, so as parents and educators, it is our role to amplify this fascination and interest in the subject area. By providing activities that fuel inquisitiveness and empower children to tackle challenges, we can help foster their ongoing curiosity.

Here is how you can engage your child in STEM thinking and encourage a life-long interest in science, technology, engineering, and maths.

Encourage Curiosity

Be an avid learner and role model curiosity. Embrace your child’s questions and encourage them to explore further. Create a supportive environment where asking “why” and “how” is celebrated and not knowing the answer is ok. Role model research showing your child where and how you might discover the answer to some of their more complex questions.

Explore the Wonders of Nature

Step outside with your child and discover the marvels of the natural world. From counting insects to observing plant growth, nature provides a rich playground for children to learn about biology, ecology, and basic scientific inquiry. Take a nature walk with your child and encourage them to observe different plant and animal species, noting unique characteristics and behaviours and observing changes to nature either through seasons or through weather.


Embrace Hands-On Experiments

Bring the magic of experimentation into your home with simple and fun hands-on activities. Whether it is creating volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar or building a structure that can hold heavy objects, hands-on experiments ignite creativity and cultivate problem-solving skills.

Tech Time Together

For tech-savvy parents, sharing screen time with your child can be a meaningful experience. Explore a kid-friendly coding app or website with your child, allowing them to create interactive stories or games through simple coding commands. Interactive educational apps and STEM-focused games that encourage critical thinking and logical reasoning are a great place to start.

Engineering Adventures

Tap into your child’s engineering potential with everyday materials. Construct bridges, towers, or even a simple marble run. These activities stimulate creativity, spatial skills, and the thinking processes necessary to understand early engineering concepts.


Math in Daily Life

Integrate math into daily routines—counting steps while walking, reading numbers on street signs, or sorting toys by colour, size, or shape. Cooking together, can be a wonderful way to involve your child in practical maths. Reading recipes and measuring ingredients provides opportunities to practice basic fractions and measurements and helps to build a solid foundation for mathematical thinking.

Virtual Field Trips

Incorporate day trips into your family schedule. Explore museums, visit science labs, or take a virtual tour of a space station—these experiences enrich your child’s understanding of STEM subjects and encourage their curiosity.

Integrate STEM into Storytelling

Encourage your child’s imagination by weaving STEM concepts into bedtime stories. Explore underwater habitats, build fantastical machines, or invent a story about a young astronaut exploring a distant planet, and discuss the science behind space travel and the challenges of living away from earth. These imaginative adventures, open young minds to the wonders of science and technology.

Virgin Galactic's First Spaceflight

Diverse STEM Role Models

Expose your child to a range of male and female STEM role models. Share stories of remarkable women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to empower your child to challenge gender stereotypes.

By nurturing STEM skills at home, through everyday activities, children gain an invaluable head start in a fast-evolving world. Introducing learning in fun and exciting ways, will ignite the spark of curiosity that is crucial for all scientific discovery and technological innovation. Whether your child continues down a STEM study path or not, fostering their passion for learning, curiosity, critical thinking, and encouraging their observations of the world, will no doubt support them through their learning years and beyond.

We thank Eleni Kyritsis, Deputy Head of Junior School at Strathcona Girls Grammar, for contributing this article.

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