Tips for Social media Influencer and Blogger Contracts

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 5 March 2021

With television shows like ‘Emily in Paris’, the idea of being a micro-influencer, social media influencer or blogger looks appealing.

The reality can be a rather different experience. When you are invited to an event or sent a gift arrangement, you’ll be required to promote the brand with some guidelines.

You might like to think of this as a freelancing job. And often it can feel like work. You’ll need to dress up professionally (unless you’re a film reviewer), and do some market research beforehand so that you are prepared and feeling confident when you meet with your client.

I’ve been asked a number of times what a social media influencer or blogger’s contract looks like. I personally prefer a well-written media release with some optional professional photography to use.

I prefer to sign agreements only when the payment or gifting arrangement is valued above AUS$100. It’s a better use of everyone’s time to sign a year-long gifting arrangement to attend a chain on cinemas over each film preview event. (However, I’ll happily make an exception for Warner Bros film premieres).

4 Efficient Ways Bloggers Can Declutter

Benefits of an influencer contract:

  • specifies exactly what the agreement is
  • contains useful information for posting and writing, including the correct hashtags and social media channels
  • includes space for a signature

Disadvantages of an influencer contract:

  • doesn’t allow for creative freedom and can be a buzz kill if there are too many rules and requirements
  • not necessarily legally binding (please ask your qualified lawyer for advice)
  • slows down the process

Guidelines for Social media influencer and blogger contracts

Here are some general guidelines for creating social media influencer and blogger contracts:

  • email is the best way to communicate (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram messages are okay for initial contact, but please move to email for longer correspondence and negotiations)
  • address emails using a person’s name and personalise each one
  • clear communication is key
  • layout the contract in a table for easy reading
  • save the agreement as an editable PDF file
  • save any photographs to a Dropbox or Google Drive
  • use signed delivery to ensure the package arrives to the right person
  • add a personalised note to your package with a printed out media release (if relevant)
  • if you don’t hear anything then follow up is okay

Here is an outline of an agreement which I used via a public relations company:

<Company or Event Name>

Social Media Influencer Agreement

Agreement between <influencer’s name> and <company> outlining creative content creation and event promotion to promote <product or event> and related activities/events. <influencer’s name> agrees to deliver on the below obligations in line with the specified due date, using key messages, and required handles, tags and links.

Duties and Obligations of the Influencer:

Name: <influencer’s name>
Product/Show: <specific product or event>
<date, if revelent>
Products / Number of Tickets: 1 <or what product received or payment>

Social Media Accounts

Instagram: – <e.g. @womenlovetech>
Facebook: – <e.g. @womenlovetech>
Website or Blog: (if applicable): <[e.g.>

Women Love Tech

Agreed upon activity

  • 1 x Instagram post via @womenlovetech
    Due: <day before event>
    Key message: Getting excited for xxxx
    Required tags: @companyname #companytag #campaigntag
    Geotagging to the venue.
  • 1 x Instagram story via @womenlovetech
    Due: <day of the event>
    Key message: Having fun at xxxxx, about to see xxxxxxx
    Required tags: @companyname #companytag #campaigntag
  • 1 x Instagram post via @womenlovetech
    Due: <day after the event>
    Key message: Having/had a fantastic time at xxxx, Tickets on sale now –
    Required tags: @companyname #companytag #campaigntag
    Geotagging to the venue.

For social media posts, the following details must be included (where applicable):
Instagram @companyname #companytag #campaigntag
Twitter: @companyname

twitter, Women Love Tech


Line and space for both parties to sign on a line, with the date and their full names.

Please leave a comment and let us know about your experiences with using Social media influencer and blogger contracts:

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