TOP 10 Apps For Busy Mums From Dermal Therapy’s Co-founder Shelley Sher

By Candace Little
on 6 September 2021

Shelley Sher, the co-founder of Australian-made and owned skincare brand, Dermal Therapy, has selected her top 10 favourite apps for busy Mums. Here, Shelley provides the apps she uses daily to keep her family on schedule and manage her priorities as a working parent.

Daily go-to apps for family management:

  1. WhatsAppFrom a practical perspective, this app keeps me abreast of my kids’ sporting & school commitments and activities and it ensures I have written proof that my messages are conveyed to my four teenagers and hubby – it keeps us all accountable throughout the daily grind! On the social side, I have an extensive cousins group of three generations who are spread across the globe. We keep up with each other’s lives via our group chat multiple times a week. I also use the app to check in with my mum multiple times a day or send her pictures of her furry grandchildren.
  2. Life360I love this app because I can monitor my family’s whereabouts without having to ask so many questions; as many parents know, teenagers are not fans of questions!
  3. ServiceNSWUnfortunately, this is a sad sign of the times but is an easy and reassuring way to help do my little bit to manage the spread of COVID-19.
  4. StoCardStoCard is a handy little app, which I use to store all of the loyalty cards I used to carry on me. I’m pretty much a car key and phone lady, so carrying excess bits and pieces doesn’t work well for me!
  5. FantasticalFantastical is the calendar app I use to keep my life on track. I literally would not be able to keep up with where I need to be and when without it! It sinks my personal and work commitments. My favourite part about this app is that I use it to schedule my family’s relevant activities, so I don’t need to keep reminding them where we need to be and when – it’s a sanity saver.

Daily go-to apps for professional use:

  1. Teams & ZoomBeing in lockdown, these two apps are essential to my work. I think we can all agree, it’s equal parts love and not so much love with these two.
  2. InstagramI love being able to keep abreast of what our consumers and loyal customers are sharing online about our products. I’m often seen doing a happy dance when we get a great mention relating to our products!
  3. RepostRepost is an app that I find handy for sharing social posts from influencers and consumers across to our social pages. It’s super easy to use and does the job well.
  4. 1PasswordThis should probably have come up higher on my list as I use it multiple times a day and can’t function without it.
  5. WeTransferWeTransfer is one of those apps which makes working from home all that much easier for our team. It’s an easy and productive way for us to share big files.

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