Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Roles In Australia In 2022

Alice Duthie
on 21 June 2022

The tech industry is one competitive place right now. As we navigate a candidate-short market due to border closures over the past two years, those possessing the right skills in tech are well and truly in control. In Australia, we have seen tech salaries soar as companies battle it out to secure the best in tech. So, with tech salaries and contract rates at an all-time high, which ones take the cake as the highest paying? We delve into it.

Here are the top 10 highest paying tech jobs in Australia in 2022*

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Source: Capital CoLAB

10. PMO Manager

The Project Management Office (PMO) Manager oversees the entire process of completing a project, from team coordination, to design, through to final presentation. According to Talent Sydney recruitment expert, Alan Dowdall, this role continues to evolve, and in 2022 yields strong influence within organisations. “The role of a PMO Manager has evolved significantly in the past few years and is no longer limited to setting standards or reporting. The modern PMO Manager can help companies remove traditional silos with a centralised system. This is particularly important in highly matrixed organisations who have needed to incorporate remote and hybrid working along with geographical boundaries”.

Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $176k per year

Contract – $133 per hour                                     

9. Solutions Architect

Tasked with assisting in the build of new systems needed by the company, the Solutions Architect must be able to identify the business’ current problems and future technological goals. Talent Sydney recruitment expert, Elliott Howard, shares the technical know-how these professionals should possess and the soft skills beyond the tools they also need to hone. “The Solutions Architect typically comes from a strong technical background, moving away from hands-on engineering to focus on design and architecting solutions. This position is key in working closely with business and technology stakeholders to understand their requirements before partnering with the engineering team to implement the design”.

Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $180k per year

Contract – $153 per hour

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8. Business Intelligence Manager

Responsible for providing data solutions in line with their company’s strategy, the Business Intelligence Manager oversees a group of analysts who use a variety of statistical methodologies to solve quantitative business issues and increase profitability. So, what sets this data-specific role apart from the rest in this list? Alan Dowdall breaks it down. “BI Managers are the people who ensure companies are collecting the right data that drives business-focussed insights. Along with managing staff, they make the dark arts of PowerBI and Tableau look extremely easy”.

Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $180k per year

Contract – $124 per hour

7. Agile Coach

As agile methodologies continue to permeate the market as businesses prioritise efficiencies, the role of the Agile Coach becomes increasingly important. Avec Director of Delivery, Arne Gething, delves into its rising popularity, “We are seeing a huge increase in companies’ adoption of Agile, with some reports showing increases of 80% -100% in uptake. Whatever the number, the trend is clear, and skills and experience are in short supply.” Talent Canberra recruitment expert, Lauren Fyfe, also shares that demand for these professionals is on the rise within the Government sector, “Government departments are continuing to require people who have strong experience in Agile as most continue to work to an agile methodology or hybrid approach.”

So, how can you get ahead in this position while demand is high? “An Agile Coach can show their worth by helping organisations get out of their own way and letting teams self-organise. They understand the priority struggle between product teams and stakeholders and facilitate agreeable actions”, Alan Dowdall explains.

Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $180k per year

Contract – $141 per hour

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6. Data & Analytics Manager

We’ve heard it before, and it continues to ring true – data is king. As data-driven decision-making continues to be prioritised within business, demand for Data & Analytics Managers soars. According to Alan Dowdall, those working in this space must not only possess technical know-how, but also the soft skills needed to bring their business along on the journey. “Data remains a valuable resource and people are increasingly more aware of how and where their data is shared. The role of a Data & Analytics Manager requires skills not only in data, but also leadership, project and stakeholder management”.

Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $183k per year

Contract – $127 per hour

5. Senior Data Scientist

Providing advanced expertise on statistical and mathematical concepts for the broader Data & Analytics department, the Senior Data Scientist applies and inspires the adoption of advanced data science and analytics across the business.

So, which skills do you need to possess to succeed in this role in 2022? Alan Dowdall breaks it down. “Buzzword bingo, Machine Learning, AI, Big Data and algorithms are part and parcel of a day in the life of a Senior Data Scientist. The ability to look at the big picture and identify the value for companies is the role in its simplest form.” On top of being well-versed and skilled in data, Alan shares that “the best Senior Data Scientists will mentor more junior team members who are often coming from University or the education system with limited commercial knowledge”.

Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $183k per year

Contract – $143 per hour

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4. Cloud Architect

With cloud-based technologies evolving and the growing dependence on these systems for information storing and sharing, the role of the Cloud Architect has become increasingly important. “Cloud adoption is accelerating as most organisations move away from managing their IT systems internally and host their applications in the cloud”, shares Elliott Howard. Looking at how things are playing out in Australia’s capital city, Lauren Fyfe shares that “Cloud continues to be an area of focus within Government departments. Everyone is working to move all aspects of their systems to the cloud and finding people with the appropriate and relevant experience is proving to be quite difficult.” As cloud migration projects grow in prominence, we can only expect that demand for these professionals will continue rise.

Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $195k per year

Contract – $137 per hour

3. Programme Manager

Responsible for overseeing designated projects within their company, the Programme Manager is tasked with planning and developing strategy, including defining the goals and timeline for the projects they supervise.

So, what else is critical to achieve success in this role in 2022? “Programme Managers will have come from a strong project management background, with experience delivering a variety of projects, managing budgets circa $10 – 20M+, and reporting to steering committees on the progress of the program”, states Elliott Howard. Looking at the bigger picture, “they are ultimately responsible for the delivery of large project initiatives”.

Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $200k per year

Contract – $146 per hour

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2. Security Architect

Increasingly necessary to an organisation are Security Architects, management-level professionals who oversee the security of an organisation’s network. These professionals are needed when the network is first designed, built, and implemented, as well throughout the entire lifecycle.

Elliott Howard shares the importance of this role in the modern workplace. “Cybersecurity is an essential component of any IT department’s makeup, with the Security Architect responsible for designing, building, and implementing security solutions within their IT environment. This can cover the full gamut of cybersecurity and as such, prospective employers will want candidates who have significant experience working within this space”.

Elliott also shares that harnessing transferrable skills can go a long way for those looking to break into this role. “We have noticed a trend of candidates with strong network security or defence experience transitioning into cybersecurity.”

Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $208k per year

Contract – $158 per hour

1. The Highest Paying Tech Role: Enterprise Architect

A technology agnostic mindset is key for the highest paying tech job on this list – the Enterprise Architect. Responsible for overseeing and maintaining their company’s IT services and networks, these professionals need to be at the top of their game when it comes to being aware of the latest trends in tech. According to Elliott Howard, “this is a big picture role, engaging with senior stakeholders from across the business, with most organisations wanting candidates with extensive experience (20+ years) and significant experience working as an Architect to be considered for such a role.”

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Expect to earn (AU average):

Permanent – $221k per year

Contract – $169 per hour

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Women Love Tech would like to thank Talent International for this report.

*Excluding C-Suite roles

– Permanent salaries are exclusive of superannuation

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