Top 3 Apps to Create the Best Instagram Feed

By Ines Besbes
on 6 November 2023

Want your Instagram to look more professional? Having a content plan makes all the difference in creating a winning feed.

Making a professionally-looking feed also has a big impact on your brand image. Customers might discover and get a first impression of your brand by looking at its Instagram profile.

This is why, planning your feed is a must-do for numerous brands.

We’ve listed our top 3 free apps to help plan your Instagram below.

Preview App

preview app
Preview app

This is the best app if you are looking for a super simple app to visually plan and schedule basic posts from your phone. It doesn’t come with all the advanced features that other apps have. Although there is a desktop version you can not access it from the free version of the app.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need any help navigating your way around. But if you do they have some tutorials available in the app.

The free version of the app has unlimited posts in comparison to most of its competitors which are capped at 30 per month.

You can crop and edit your images in the app and the supplied filters look very esthetic. Although you are limited to just 2 packs on the free version.

Pricing: Free for one user and Instagram account for unlimited posts. (Can only access desktop version with Premium plan).

Find out more at the Preview website.

Available on iOS  |  Android

Planoly App

Planoly app
Planoly app

Planoly is definitely a top all-in-one content planner for Instagram.

The mobile and web app interfaces are well-designed and easy to navigate. Both iterations support all the same features and are easy to use in tandem.

Their main advantage is the added content calendar planning function. This is a clever way to mark important dates and make notes about upcoming content. You can even add a colour code to each one. This feature combined with the image placeholder function enables you to start drafting a post even if your image isn’t ready yet.

The Discover feature is handy for finding images to repost from Instagram or from free stock sites. Perfect for those to like to integrate aspirational or moodboard style images into their accounts. In the draft section, you can play around with the design of different themed grids before integrating them into your feed.

It is definitely made towards professional users. A lot of features are only available to those on Business accounts. So those with personal accounts may be locked out of a number of functions (primarily due to Instagram’s API).

Pricing: Free for one user and Instagram account for up to 30 posts per month.

Available on iOS  |  Android

Find out more at the Planoly website.

Unum App


There are some visually good features that enable a lot of creative control over the look and feel of your grid. Unum has filters and tools to edit your images in the app. You can use editable templates to create Instagram stories.

It is possible to create multiple versions of your grid and drag-drop to arrange the order of your posts. Another feature we liked was the ‘grid shift’ which allows you to toggle the view between your upcoming posts and how the grid will look directly after the next one goes live. Scheduling seemed like a secondary feature to the visual grid planner and there were no options for auto-post.

Price: Free

Available on iOS  |  Android

Find out more at the Unum website.

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