Top 7 Free Time Saving Apps For Time Poor Mums

Frederique Bros
on 15 March 2021

Apps can simplify our busy lives. Here are 7 great time saving apps for Mums; and maybe, just maybe, they can help you steal a minute back for yourself and reduce the stress of being a mum.



You’re out of your favourite shampoo and several shops carry it. Don’t waste time driving across town on the off-chance one of those shops has it on sale… know for certain before you go. This app allows you to scan in the barcode on the bottle and it finds the lowest local or internet price for you, gives you the shop name and amount, then finds additional discounts on the item such as rebates and coupons. Mission accomplished.



Trying to figure out what’s for dinner can be time consuming or potentially quite a taxing event. You may just not want to think about it altogether. With this app, you can give the phone a shake and it chooses a recipe for you, slot machine-style. Or you might pick a recipe from a broad scope of dish types, cooking times or the ingredients you have on hand; plus, there’s an ability to search meals by special dietary needs. You’ll have access to over 40,000 recipes and can add your own, share them, tweet them, or email them.

AROUND ME (Apple, Android)

If you’re like many people, you’ve experienced the frustration of needing an ATM and having no idea where the next one is located. Instead of driving in a frantic search to find one use Around Me, a brilliant app that allows you to find the nearest anything you need. Whether it’s an ATM, chemist, movie theatre or restaurant, this app will save you time. The app also allows you to email your finds to your friends, save the places you like best for instant recall later and even provides a map function to help you find your way.

WOOLWORTHS (Apple, Android)

Does the idea of strolling up and down the supermarket aisles and carrying your heaving shopping bags home sound stressful? Download this handy app and relieve that stress. This app allows you the convenience of grocery shopping anywhere, at any time. Create shopping lists and even purchase your groceries online! You will also gain access to hundreds of recipes and specials. Finally, when you’re finished choosing your groceries, you can have them delivered to your home or workplace when it suits you.

COZI  (Android)

Any mum on the go with a hectic family schedule to maintain should check out Cozi. This organizational app is great for small groups like families. You can create one family calendar with all of your activities, chores, events, and meals that every member of the family can access and use.

REMEMBER THE MILK (Apple, Android)

For managing all of your many daily tasks, try the app Remember the Milk. This is a great personal task manager that allows you to keep a list of everything you need to do, in order of importance or time until completion. You can tag your various tasks with locations to help you remember where you need to be and how to get there. You can also share your tasks and lists with the other members of your family. This can serve as a helpful reminder when you have assigned certain chores to others.

reading kids
Lina Kivaka at Pexels

POCKET (Apple, Android)

Formerly known as Read It Later, the free app Pocket can be used to save articles, videos and web pages that you don’t have time to read but want to return to later. It’s so incredibly useful for saving any news stories that you might find whilst busy waiting in line or busy watching the kids and don’t have time to read right away. Keep up-to-date as often as you can with Pocket.

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