Top Birthday Cake Trends According to Instagram

By Sophia Smith
on 12 November 2022

If you are planning any kind of party, you know that the centrepiece of the table will be the cake and this is especially true if the celebration in question is someone’s birthday. No matter if it is your or the birthday of a person you love, deciding what kind of birthday cake to get is never an easy task. From the flavour to the aesthetics, you will feel a bit confused at some point. 

To help you find the perfect birthday cake, we bring you some of the top cakes that the Instagram community thinks are ideal for a special celebration. 

Fault line cakes are the new naked cakes

Photo by Magda Pawluczuk on Unsplash

You have certainly seen a number of fault line cases all over your social networks, and on different kinds of celebrations. They’re not as pretentious as the naked cakes, but still with a dose of elegant charm. These kinds of desserts are notable for the absence of frosting over the middle layer, creating a “fault” through the centre of the cake. The variation can be done with stripes, but sprinkles will be better for a fun birthday celebration. This can be achieved by simply layering various kinds and colours of sprinkles around the midsection of the cake, while the rest will be covered in an even layer of frosting. When it comes to taste, a fault line decoration will go amazing with a classic red velvet, vanilla sponge, or chocolate fudge. 

Gluten-free cakes can be delicious and gorgeous

Photo by lucas mendes on Unsplash

In the times we live, we have learnt to pay more attention to our diet. Thus, more and more people come to the realization that not all ingredients work for them and gluten is certainly one of the most widespread allergens. However, a lot of people still think that a gluten-free cake has to be quite restricted when it comes to the ingredients you can use to make it, which results in a less-than-spectacular taste. 

But they couldn’t be more wrong! From pumpkin hazelnut, vanilla almond, or divine strawberries and cream combination, there are plenty of amazing and tasty gluten-free desserts. You can look up recipes online and make them yourself or you can consult professionals and order a cake. If you’re particularly tight with time, relying on a professional cake delivery service such as will be the best option for you, as you will get a delicious, beautifully decorated cake, for a price that is quite affordable. By ordering from trusted bakeries, you will be sure that the cake is gluten-free and decorated just the way you want it to be. A pastel-coloured one, with a few rose gold leaves, and a cute icing message can be just a minimal, but sentimental decoration.

Short and sweet

Photo by Diana Akhmetianova on Unsplash

While big, multi-tiered cakes truly can make any birthday celebration a glorious party, simpler, one-tier cakes have become a new trend. Moreover, if the birthday boy or girl doesn’t really have a sweet tooth, a single-tier cheesecake or a plant-based oatmeal lemon will be just the perfect option. Even though a bigger cake represents a wider canvas for decoration, a single-layer one can also be adjourned with flowers, for instance. And yes, you can decorate the birthday cake with edible flowers any time of the year, even in the winter or spring (and it will not be a cliché). Another great option would be a metallic cake. Rose gold will probably be the trendiest nuance, but you can also go for silver or copper. Just by adding a few white chocolate or cocoa balls that will serve as pearls, you can get a minimal and sophisticated birthday cake. 

If you need a plant-based dessert, an abundance of different fruits layered on the top of the cake will serve as a fresh and colourful décor. Once more, if you feel as if you don’t have enough time or simply the patience to do the making and the decoration, consulting with professionals and ordering a cake of choice will be the best option. This may be most applicable to vegan desserts, as experienced bakers will know just what whole-food ingredients to use to make an extraordinary chocolate raspberry or lemon vegan cake. 

Finally, we can say that some creativity, patience, and love are what it takes to make a lovely birthday cake. And in case one just doesn’t have the skills to make this kind of dessert, you can have it delivered to your home, just as tasty and gorgeous. 

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