Top Five Fitness Apps That Should Top the Charts In 2022

By Rebecca Peres Rebecca Peres has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 28 January 2022

A quick flashback to 2020 when the COVID-19 lockdowns were in full force globally. Gyms were shut down, home fitness trainers were locked indoors, and people sat around all day – eating, working sometimes, sleeping, and flopping out of shape.

Fitness apps were the heroes in digital form.

A 46% increase in downloads was recorded globally as everyone got serious about staying in shape. And who says we should stop now that the world’s opening back up? Alongside your gym-visiting efforts, a fitness app can nicely bring your body, health, and nutrition goals together, all from the comfort of your everyday devices.

2022 is almost upon us, and below is a list of the top five apps you should totally check out to make fitness a fun priority.

To get ripped abs and stay green – The Sculpted Vegan

Who said a vegan diet makes it impossible to get shredded?

Photo credit: Kim Constable, with permission

The Sculpted Vegan is the world’s first pro-vegan fitness app, created by retired professional Irish bodybuilder and business coach, Kim Constable. In collaboration with some of the top vegan diet coaches around the world, TSV was created to redefine and streamline the vegan fitness journey. It offers a comprehensive catalog of expert-instructed home and gym workout videos, well-curated meal plans, recipes, motivational and instructional audio guides, and 24/7 support from expert-trained coaches around the globe. You can also log your workout efforts, track your meals, store your progress photos in a private encrypted space, and track every changing metric in your body such as water consumption and heart rate.

The Sculpted Vegan offers a 7-day free trial period and you can sign up for $29.99 monthly and $149 yearly. This app is also wonderful for non-vegans and you can identify with several in-app communities to thrive in communal progress!


For a beginner with high goals – Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer by Skimble is a fitness app that curates your workout journey with personalized exercises and workout plans for the home and gym. You fill a questionnaire while setting up and gain instant access to thousands of videos, audios, and guides created by expert trainers. Users can also hire personal trainers for exclusive live sessions from the app. This app offers a similar growth experience as can be enjoyed in the gym – getting help to work your way up from fearful beginner to absolute ripper.

A paid pro version offers over 100 exclusive programs spanning multiple weeks, exclusive forums, advanced heart rate analysis, and freebies from the company. Subscription costs $6.99/month or $59.99/year.


To break out the energy – Sweat

Sweat is a subscriber-only female fitness app that offers some really challenging and invigorating workouts for your routine. The app has options for beginners as well, but if you need that energy-packed motivation to firm up and get ripped, Sweat’s got you covered.

Sweat is popular for its top selection of fitness trainers offering expert help with weight loss, bodybuilding, meal plans, strength training, yoga, and goal setting. It also has one of the largest communities of female workout enthusiasts for communal growth.

Sweat’s membership costs $19.99 monthly (with a free trial) and $119.99 yearly.


For the yoga enthusiast: Daily Yoga

Yogis on all levels can rely on the Daily Yoga app for super-helpful instructions on hundreds of yoga, meditation, and Pilates techniques. It offers tons of classes curated by some of the most skilled yoga teachers in the world. Whether you’re a beginner struggling with the mountain pose or an advanced yogi aiming for the forearm stand, Daily Yoga has got you covered with all the video, photo, and written content to get started.

This app allows you to create your own private yoga plans and track personal data across all your devices. Daily Yoga is free but it offers “silver” and “gold” membership plans ranging from $12.99-$49.99 monthly and $39.99-$69.99 yearly.


To run off the pounds – literally: Couch to 5K

This awesome app was created for total newbies to the running game and it offers a 9-week program for strength building and weight loss. Users engage in three running sessions each week as the app maps out routes and tells you when to run, walk, jog, or catch a breath. You get to choose one of four special instructors, starting easy and working your way up to a final race.

Couch to 5K was created by the UK’s NHS in collaboration with BBC and is totally free of charge.


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