Top 4 Luxury Earbuds In The Market Today

Mary Grace
on 25 October 2022

Top 4 Luxury Earbuds In The Market Today

Earbuds are normally white or black with nothing to write home about from a design perspective but there are a few on the market that scream cutting edge luxury.

Check out some of the world’s finest earbuds for those of you who want to improve your listening experience and make a fashion statement.

Here Are The Top 4 Luxury Earbuds In The Market Today

Empire Ears Odin 11 Driver Tribrid IEM

Top  Luxury Earbuds In The Market Today | Women Love Tech

RRP $4,999.00

Odin is the Norse god of knowledge, prophecy, poetry, and the arts of death and magic. Odin, the flagship model from Empire Ear, is an attempt to achieve divine efficiency via the use of a ‘Trib-brid’ design.

Each of the 11 drivers in the design is one of three varieties: Two W9+ subwoofers, which have an upgraded dynamic driver with a longer travel distance and less distortion than the standard W9 design, are included. The same ethereal detail and frequency responsiveness as prior designs like the Valkyrie and Wraith is delivered by the 5 unique Balanced Armature drivers and 4 electrostatic EIVC drivers.

The Odin also has a custom ‘Stormbreaker’ copper litz cable by PW Audio of Hong Kong and Pentaconn of Japan. The three-stage laminated ‘Bifrost’ faceplate is unique to Odin and exposes stunning color changes under varying lighting conditions.

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Top Luxury Earbuds In The Market Today | Women Love Tech

RRP $599.95

24-bit connection and Qualcomm aptX technology for dynamic sound quality and connection stability.

The unparalleled realism and precision of the two hybrid drive units’ separate amplifiers is not to be understated. Sound and voice clarity are optimized with six microphones and adaptive noise cancellation. Audio-retransmission charging case. Both models may wirelessly couple several source devices, enabling the user to simply switch between sources, such as music on a phone and an internet conference call on a laptop.

With class-leading audio, luxury design, and a number of revolutionary technologies and convenience features of top over-ear ANC headphones, the PI7 In-Ear Headphone will redefine truly wireless performance.

QuietOn 3 sleep earbuds

Top  Luxury Earbuds In The Market Today | Women Love Tech

RRP $359

Dubbed the best earbuds for sleeping, there’s plenty of features that make the QuietOn 3 sleep earbuds appealing.


  • Change your life and sleep quality with premium Active Noise Cancelling
  • Ergonomic design, 4 sizes of comfortable and soft foam ear tips
  • 28h battery life/single charge
  • Enjoy Quietude, no masking sounds needed, no music, no BT connectivity therefore no electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation
  • Totally safe to use
  • Free delivery globally (product is on the way after 1-3 business days)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year international warranty

The peaceful evenings and revitalized mornings are yours for the taking. You can sleep well with the help of the QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling headphones, and you may look on the bright side of life throughout the day. Feel refreshed in the morning and get a better night’s sleep by blocking out noises that could otherwise wake you up.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Top Luxury Earbuds In The Market Today | Women Love Tech

RRP $399.95

When the stillness is improved, the sound will follow suit. Because of this, they developed QuietComfort Earbuds featuring high-fidelity audio and noise-cancelling technology on par with the best in the world, as well as StayHear Max tips for added comfort. When you take away all the noise, the focus is entirely on the music and the enthusiasm you feel for it. 

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