Top Three Health And Beauty Apps: Look And Feel Your Very Best

By Emma Markezic
on 1 March 2021

Finding the latest in health and beauty has never been easier!

We use our smart devices for everything from shopping to socialising these days, so it’s no surprise that simply downloading the handiest apps can keep you on track to look – and feel – your very best.

Our experts have rounded up their top three health and beauty apps, with tips on how they work.

Here’s what they say:

IANTHA: From editing selfies to feeling super-zen, all at the swipe of a screen.   

EMMA: We’re talking the latest health and beauty apps.  And no matter what your device of choice, trust me when I say you’re going to want all of these.  Today!  

IANTHA: So my personal favourite is FACETUNE.   All you have to do is take a photo of yourself, upload it into the app and you can whiten your teeth, smooth out fine lines or lengthen your face and you’ll look like you’ve been at a glamorous photoshoot all day.  Then you upload it onto social media.   But trust me, you can really get carried away.

EMMA: Yea, I bet I would!   Next up I’ve got a health app.  Meditation isn’t just for hippies any more.  With an app like SMILINGMIND you can go to your happy place any time you like.   So you can choose from 20 programmes and then you just input some personal information like ‘alertness’ and ‘curiosity levels’ and then you get a few minutes of Me Time – which is very valuable. Think of it kind of like hanging out with your GPS, but minus the passive/aggressive directions!  

IANTHA: Well, I’ve got another beauty app now. So trying on makeup doesn’t always have to involve a counter of makeup samples any more. L’Oreal have an app called the MAKEUPGENIUS, so you take a photo of yourself and the face mapping technology will let you trying on lipstick or eye-shadow or eye-liner to your hearts’ content. It’s actually lots of fun to do with your best friend – or even funnier with your boyfriend!

EMMA: Ha, I bet it is! This is amazing!

IANTHA: So those are our top three health and beauty apps.

EMMA: For more health and beauty information, just head to   See you next time.   

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