5 Apps That Will Help You Go Vegan In 2024

By Ruby Feneley
on 16 February 2024

For those wanting to adopt a new vegan way of life or vegans wanting some recipe inspo, we’ve selected the top five vegan apps with you in mind.

5 top vegan apps that will help you go vegan in 2024

Happy Cow 

One of the first things you’ll experience going vegan? Popping out for dinner with friends becomes that much more difficult. Happy Cow does the legwork for you. The restaurant finder sources plant-based food locations in your area. You can also set your filters depending on who you’re dining with – a full vegan troup? Search 100% vegan. Flying solo with some carnivores? Select “vegan options.” The app includes restaurant reviews and pictures so you can show your friends where you’re taking them!

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Ensuring you have adequate nutrition as you embark on a vegan diet is crucial, which is why Vegan Society Dietitian Heather Russel developed Vnutrition. The app analyses your dietary intake to ensure you receive adequate nutrition, from protein to omega-3s. The app scores your “food dairy” against nutritional “targets” – if it notices routine gaps in nutrition, it will generate tailored tips to help you stay healthy while eating green. iOS


Vegan Amino 

Vegan Amino is like Facebook for vegans. With 253,415 members, it is the first and largest online platform where vegans can meet and mingle. Members can share recipes, like and comment on each other’s pages and even join niche chatrooms like “Vegan Teenagers” or “Running Club.” User reviews love the sense of community they find on Vegan Amino, where they can pick up advice from seasoned vegans and explore their new lifestyle in a supportive atmosphere.

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food monster vegan app

Food Monster 

Food Monster makes cooking delicious, nutritious vegan recipes a breeze. Their 20,000+ plant-based vegan recipes are searchable via 600 category filters, with each dish beautifully photographed and accompanied by detailed instructions. Want your dietary decisions made for you? You can find ten editor selected meal plans broken down by diet type. 



So now you have food sorted, what about your beverages? Surprisingly alcohol from beer to wine and spirits frequently contain animal by-products. Some common ingredients you’ll find include eggs, gelatin, lactose, whey, honey and isinglass(that’s fish bladder). This app will allow you to keep your mind at ease so you can focus on kicking back and relaxing! 

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vegan Tomato Salad Recipe with Feta

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