Tory Archbold: How I Discovered New Beginnings And A Happy Heart

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on 6 January 2021

Women Love Tech talks to Powerful Steps CEO and founder Tory Archbold about the pivotal moment that inspired her to transition from her life as a Sydney-based PR guru to an international business mentor.

Here, she talks about the epiphany that made her change her life and as she says discover ‘new beginnings and a happy heart.’

What was your inspiration for this approach to life and change?

For a long time, my life appeared perfect on the outside – successful female business owner attracting the world’s top performing retail brands, celebrities and influencers, travelling the world and making magic happen…for others.  I forgot about myself and my own needs. In 2013, I had a near death experience, and it was crunch time – the wake-up moment the universe sends you – live or die.  What was it I truly wanted from life and who did I want to share it with?  The evolution began and I haven’t looked back.  I stripped back what no longer aligned with my values, intent and purpose and aligned with what did.  This created space for new beginnings and a happy heart.

The best advice I received throughout the recovery period was from the surgeon after 12 rounds of antibiotics to fight a recurring scepticima infection and failing organs – he told me to focus on getting a happy heart as it was a magnet for miracles. He gave me a 6-month recovery, but the reality is it took 3 – 4 years as I then suffered from chronic and adrenal fatigue – a build-up of years of not leading a balanced life due to the circumstances I had created.  He was 100% right and this is what I now teach the Powerful Steps tribe.

A happy heart is a magnet for miracles. Surround yourself with the right tribe, align with your values, intent and purpose and you will translate your wildest dreams into reality.  I am living proof this can happen.


Where did you think you might be able to take this?

It’s clear that people are looking for a more balanced approach to life – they want to be at the top of their professional game and have the flexibility to live their best life.  They are not driven by money, they are driven by lifestyle. They know abundance will flow when they are in flow. This trend has been coming from the US and Europe for many years and I want to bring it to life in Australia then take my platform global.

Who is this approach aimed at and why?

Female entrepreneurs and corporate women who want to leverage my brand expertise – these are women who are looking to be the best version of themselves, they want to stand out and be known for making a difference.  They are willing to put themselves first to create a life of abundance – they understand that their health is their wealth and are likely to invest in ensuring they are in peak condition.  When they put themselves first, they are saying NO to what does not align with their value set and YES to what does because they know when they work with intent and purpose, they will attract what they truly deserve – career success and a life shared with the ones they love most.  These women are fierce; they don’t gossip, they smile. They are willing to step outside their comfort zone, they show gratitude, and they do things that challenge them. They are my type of women.

How successful have you been so far?

February 2020, I had said goodbye to my PR company TORSTAR and hello to Powerful Steps. I had a line-up of amazing corporate clients, and was flying around Australia empowering teams that challenges will always become possibilities when you have the ability to switch your thinking and take powerful steps forward in life. Then COVID hit – I had 48 hours to strategise how I could pivot a business based on corporate keynotes and workshops and transform it into a virtual offering. COVID did me a huge favour as my commitment to three coffee dates a week for over two decades of my professional career had built a powerful network of connections. Human connection was missing in the first few weeks of lockdown and people were feeling isolated. I started inviting people to join me for virtual coffee dates which grew into IGTV with people I knew who I felt would inspire others with their positivity and professional insights. Within a month I had a mentoring business set-up with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. In September, I launched the Business Attraction Program and the Powerful Stories podcast which was signed to Nova Entertainment and sponsored by Intuit Quickbooks. December came and I knew I had a profitable business model empowering others – exactly what delivers me a happy heart.

Why do you think people will benefit from this?

Renewed energy and focus for what matters in life. I empower others to understand the power of stepping outside their comfort zone, getting uncomfortable to up-level and raise their vibration so they can attract what they truly deserve. I use my expertise based on two decades of creating powerful brand campaigns and businesses for others (including my own) and translate it into powerful steps people can take to attract that same success.

What specifically is the objective and how do people know if they have achieved it?

People walk away with the most powerful tool of all – a nurtured brand and spirit – they become super attractors as they understand who they are, what has shaped them as women and how they can use the lessons learnt to propel themselves forward. They will know they have become a super attractor as opportunities will start flowing naturally into their life because they understand the possibilities of life flow in business and love. They live in alignment with their values, intent and purpose and this is where the magic of life unfolds for us all.

Find out more about Powerful Steps here: 


Kicking off 2021, Tory recently launched the Business Attraction programme, which is designed to take your business to the next level and define your business’s value proposition, target market and communicate your offer to the customer.

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