How to Transform Your Best Instagram Photos into Super Cool Accessories

Frederique Bros
on 10 October 2013

Would it be a shame to admire your best Instagram photos only through your smartphone screen? If you have plenty of instagrams that you are crazy mad about it, open your creative juice and transform them into super cool accessories! How? Very easy, follow those below different tips to guide you and have fun with it. Personally I really love the ceramic one to use as a coaster, great idea for a summer table and of course the essential smartphone case, I will never bored of creating my own iPhone case! Love it.

 1. Vintage

Print them on a polaroid for a beautiful vintage effect! In addition you can change the way paper frame paint, flowers, etc…. Prices start from $20. The delivery can take up to 2 weeks but it’s free shipping worldwide!

2. Home Decoration

This is one of my favourite ideas. I love having my coasters with my own pics and as fridge magnets! Infinite creative possibilities, create magnets, coasters, trivets, wall art and much more with their seven tile sizes. Starting price $4!

3. Calendar

One calendar with one photo per day, the only you need is 365 pics to create your own calendar! You can choose from 3 layouts. 365 prints for $40

4. Fridge Magnets

Have fun with your fridge or another metallic surface. Create your own unique magnets. With this site, you can connect directly into your Instagram account, starting price $14.99 per sheet of 9 and free shipping worldwide!

5. Unique Phone Cases

A creative site where you can create custom tech cases by using your Instagram, Facebook and directly uploaded photos. Turn your designs into high quality cases. Prices start $39

6. A Chic Book

A lovely and elegant book to offer or to keep into your bookshelf. Blurb will make the unique book book for you, count to 2 or 3 weeks for delivery, prices depend of the book choice. Everyone should have one personal book like this!

There are plenty of options, you can as well create a mini book, stickers, posters, postcards, greeting cards, frame prints and mini prints. If you don’t have instagram, you can use your own pics and adding some filter for a funky touch. Have a fun, and please tell me which accessory one do you prefer for your instagrams.

Images Credit: Instagram

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