Business Travel Gift Guide for the Girl Boss

By Women Love Tech
on 22 April 2021

Purchasing a travel gift for a girl boss almost seems like an insurmountable task. What can you give to a person that is completely fixated on a singular goal – to grow her business – and make it as lasting as it is useful? Moreover, what can you buy that this aspiring entrepreneur doesn’t already own? Well, if you are already a close friend of the girl boss, any token of attention from you will signify valuable encouragement.

However, if you are hard-pressed to find inspiration, here are the best types of gifts that may have a lasting impact on the travels of the girl boss.

A hardcover planner

planner for the busy girl boss, business

Portable devices such as smartphones and tablets have rendered notebooks practically obsolete. While it is true that using applications instead of planners is not only more efficient but eco-friendly, every entrepreneur should strive to own at least one contemporary weekly and monthly planner. As it turns out, writing by hand improves your memory, so a nicely stylized hardcover planner for a girl boss can prove to be a wonderful asset during travels. For example, you can use it for a very particular kind of business-related obligations or a mixture of personal tasks and notes that are important for self-growth and development. Through this practice, you can separate mundane meeting reminders from truly meaningful matters, plus you will improve your memory which is invaluable in the world of the ever-shifting entrepreneurial circumstances.

A portable Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speaker

The life of a girl boss is all about movement, so portable items go a long way as treasured gifts. If she is an upbeat individual that enjoys a good mix of tunes on her way from one work-related obligation or another, a portable Bluetooth speaker is a sound choice. The Bang & Olufsen Beolit17 has all the hallmarks of the best professional speakers, offering pristine clarity and power with invaluable portability. Its sleek design with a hint of retro appeal should provide a stylistic addition to the ‘entourage’ of accessories under the girl boss’ wing. It’s fashioned out of a tough polymer and anodized aluminum, so you can rest assured that the Beolit17 is robust enough to withstand the everyday rough-tumbling.

The car phone holder

phone accessory, business

Once you start using a car phone holder, you’ll become hard-pressed to imagine how your life looked without it, especially if you are an active entrepreneur that multitasks. The utility of this accessory in the modern world is undeniable. Our phones have become the multitasking central of our obligations and social interactions, but you are also supposed to focus on driving when you are behind the wheel. Appropriately, there are many types of useful car phone holders, and each person’s choice will depend on the type of car they own and the style of driving they practice.

A new Kindle for joyous reading


Every aspiring entrepreneur knows that knowledge is power. This is why a genuine girl boss will spend every second of free time reading whatever falls under her sticky fingers. Instilling reading habits since early age, and educating oneself on a variety of eclectic subjects is important to stay on the bleeding edge of fluid knowledge, but it is also logistically impossible to carry so many books around all the time, especially if the work requires a lot of travel. Enter the all-new Kindle Oasis, a perfectly optimised reader that boasts a wonderfully minimalist design and lightweight appeal. There is certainly an undeniable advantage of owning a light and elegant device that can contain countless books. It comes with a colour-adjustable front light on a 300ppi display. It’s a 7-inch window to a library of information that a girl boss needs to become an even greater expert in her field.  But don’t let its lightweight appear to fool you: it is designed to withstand accidental drops and it can even have a layer of protection that renders it salvageable should it end up submerged in up to 2 meters of fresh water for an hour.

A portable drinking bottle

environmental friendly

A girl boss will use the downtime between destinations to stay updated and work out logistics of her business. Preferably, she will utilize this time to the fullest to finish as much work as possible. However, we all have a limited amount of energy we can deplete daily, so to keep our brains working we have to hydrate as much as possible. This is where portable drinking bottles come into play. There are many brands to pick and choose from, but it would be most prudent to choose the one that promotes the eco-friendly craft. Portable drinking bottles are not only green solutions for plastic waste, but they can also be fashioned out of reusable materials. As such, an appropriately designed drinking bottle can be a very thoughtful gift for a busy traveler. It can hold freshly filtered water, a homemade juice, a healthy tea or a liquid smoothie-meal to keep the girl boss fueled and ready.


Busy traveller, business

We all know at least one girl that is ready to put all of her chips into the game of life and sacrifice everything but the people that matter to achieve her entrepreneurial goals. No matter where she stands o the road to this goal, she is by the very definition and nature – the girl boss. Accordingly, you can help her out by showing overt support through vocal encouragement and tokens of attention such as lasting and thoughtful gifts.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Stella Green Thompson for her story.

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