Treasure Hunt To Win The New SanDisk Media Drive

Treasure Hunt To Win The New SanDisk Connect Media Drive!

Imagine actually enjoying an 8 hour flight or easily silencing backseat complaints from the kids. It may look like a compact mirror, but this little tech gadget is the best new way to keep everyone entertained. The Connect Media Drive by SanDisk is a truly unique device. It allows you to access and stream your photos, music and even HD movies wherever you are, without the Internet. That’s right – this stylish, little pocket-sized device lets you load all of your favourite stuff and stream it to up to eight different mobile devices at once, without an internet connection.Treasure Hunt To Win The New SanDisk Media Drive

Treasure Hunt To Win The New SanDisk Media DriveWith the SanDisk Connect Media Drive, you (and your friends or kids) will never be bored again. It can store up to 135 TV episodes or 40 HD movies and stream continuously for up to 8 hours on one charge – now that’s one major movie marathon! 

Want to watch the latest Revenge episode while you’re boyfriend watches Game of Thrones? The Connect Media Drive is the answer. Not only can it store a lot, it can also stream different shows, music and movies to all of your different devices including iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Androids and even Mac or PCs – making it the perfect way to keep everyone happy. 

Made it all the way through all the seasons of Mad Men? You can easily offload photos and videos between the Connect Media Drive and your devices to free up memory – keeping you connected to the content you care about.

After testing out the smaller version – the Wireless Flash Drive, I can tell you that these are definitely must-have tech devices for the year. It’s easy to manage the content you want to stream with the wireless drive mobile and web apps and their size makes the perfect portable entertainment gadget. 

Treasure Hunt To Win The New SanDisk Media Drive

And now, you have the chance to win a Connect Media Drive of your own in our Women Love Tech treasure hunt!

Use the Women Love Tech site to answer the challenge below in the comment section: 

The SanDisk Connect Media Drive can stream wirelessly to a number of different products.

Find and name an item we’ve featured on the site that will work with the SanDisk Connect for your chance to win!

The competition is only open to Australian residents and it will close 31th May, 2014 at 12pm.

Good Luck!

If you don’t win one here, you can purchase the Connect Media Drive or the Wireless Flash Drive exclusively at Harvey Norman locations.

For more information visit SanDisk Website.

Images: SanDisk & DepositPhotos


Written by Frederique Bros

Frederique Bros is a contributor for Women Love Tech. Frederique, who launched the website, has more than ten years in multimedia, graphic and web design. Born in France, she lives in Sydney with her French Bulldog Oscar.


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