Treat Yourself With A Chocolate Beauty Treatment

Frederique Bros
on 6 April 2020

With Easter just around the corner you’ve probably been hearing more than a few stomach’s rumble with anticipation as the shops start to stock up on chocolate eggs and other treats. Whilst chocolate is, of course, a deliciousness sent from heaven, some people can be too distracted by its amazing flavour to realise that it actually has a number of amazing powers for your skin and hair!

Treat Yourself With A Chocolate Beauty Treatment

The experts in our Australian salons and spas know this all too well and chocolate has begun to smother their treatment menus from Melbourne to Sydney.


Check on Vaniday Website their salons with chocolate treatment – yes chocolate!

Treat yourself to an indulgent chocolate related treatment this Easter!

Body Benefits Of Chocolate Treatments

With Easter just around the corner you know that there’s a lot of chocolate on its way, and we know you are probably getting pretty excited about this like we are. But there could actually be more chocolate in your life than you think… especially when you find out its amazing benefits in wellness treatments! You might have been working really hard to try and stop yourself from consuming any more chocolate but we think it’s about time you threw in the towel! Give in to your chocolate loving ways and wave goodbye to your guilt with the amazing chocolate treatments available at Spas across Australia.

  • Remove dead layers of skin as well as built up stress with an amazing Chocolate and Coconut Sugar Scrub or maybe a Cabarnet au Chocolat Age Deception Peel.
  • Feel your vitality being revived as your highly skilled professional works your skin over with the chocolate infused treatment and breathe in the sweet and sugary aroma leaving you fresh and ready to start putting that easter egg hunt together.

Chocolate? Massage? Heard any words you like yet? Of course you have, chocolate and massage are two of the most appealing words in the english language. Just imagine a situation where you get both of them. Well imagine no longer, as this is now a reality.

Treat yourself to a Chocolate Candle Massage. And why stop there? I mean you wouldn’t eat just half a bar of chocolate would you. As soon as you’ve got the taste for the moisturising, brightening and softening powers of chocolate treatment you’ll be hooked for life! Try an amazing Skeyndor Heavenly Chocolate and Vanilla Body Rapture or a Chocolate Algae Wrap to add another level of depth to your chocolate experience.

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