Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Custom Nail Art Wrap

By Frederique Bros
on 9 July 2015

I discovered NailSnapss in Kickstarter. NailSnaps is a funded app with an original and fun concept. A cool app to turn your Instagram photos (or any photos) into custom nail art wrap.

Let’s see in details how it works and how you can get 25%off on your first order.

Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Custom Nail Art Wrap

1. Upload your photo to design custom nail art.

2. Once your purchased designs arrive, you can apply them yourself in just minutes. V

3. Voila! Custom, wearable art.

4. You can get 25% off your first order on their website:http://nailsnaps.com/

Be creative with your favorite pics ­– tropical sunsets, sleeping cats, pretty patterns, super heroes, unicorn sightings – anything you can snap a photo of can become custom nail art.

NailSnaps – Free App – Apple 
– Explore inspiration from friends, manicurists, & creative nail art fans from around the world.
– Create totally unique, personalized nail art from your own photos.
– Purchase custom, made-to-order nail wrap designs to be shipped right to your door.
– Share designs to inspire friends and followers in the community and across the social web.

How Does It Work?
Play with the NailSnaps hand pose stencil to easily create and purchase designs made from your own photos. Next, we print and ship your custom, made-to-order nail wraps from our facility in Los Angeles. You apply your designs by gently stretching the self-adhesive nail wraps onto you fingernails and then filing of the edges to rock your totally custom look.

Who’s This App For?
Anyone who loves nail art and wants to enjoy custom designs without the hassle and mess of trying to paint manicures with tiny brushes. Unleash your creativity and show off amazing, personalized nail wraps that are just as unique as you are.

Images: Nailsnaps

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