View-tiful – The Best Views In The World According To TripAdvisor Reviews

By Pamela Connellan
on 19 July 2022

Most of us would like to know what people see as the best views in the world so a company called Remitly analysed which global views left visitors talking about it the most on TripAdvisor reviews – and now these are listed as the must-visit-vistas of the world.

The Rockefeller Center’s ‘Top of the Rock’ ranks as having the best view in the world, offering visitors 360˚ views of New York City’s iconic skyline. The High Roller, Las Vegas ranked second for the USA, followed by the likes of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, along with The Seattle Center & Observation Deck and Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Seeking out the picture-perfect view of a new location is often a priority for travelers and people moving to a new city, so Remitly analysed over 1.4 million TripAdvisor reviews to find which attractions have left visitors talking about its view most regularly. The results were then ranked to name the greatest viewpoints in the world, in addition to those within various countries.

With its breath-taking view mentioned by reviewers over 42,500 times, the Rockefeller Center’s ‘Top of the Rock’ takes the crown in the USA and the world. With panoramic views of the New York skyline, punctuated with iconic sights such as the Empire State Building, Central Park and even the Statue of Liberty, it’s hard to argue its position at the top.

As for the rest of the world, the findings provide inspiration no matter where you’re traveling or moving to. In the United Kingdom, the most loved viewpoints include the London Eye, Cloud 23 in Manchester and the British Airways i360 in Brighton, the tallest moving observation tower in Europe. Meanwhile, historical landmarks are revealed to often be the home of the best views in many cities, such as the Duomo di Milano in Milan, or Japan’s Osaka Castle, built in 1583. 

Here are the 10 ‘Best Viewpoints’ in the World

RankViewpointCountryMentions of ‘view’ on TripAdvisor
1Top of the Rock, New York CityUnited States of America42,552
2London Eye, LondonUnited Kingdom34,975
3Eiffel Tower, ParisFrance32,875
4Burj Khalifa, DubaiUnited Arab Emirates28,518
5Victoria Peak (The Peak)Hong Kong21,524
6Edinburgh Castle, EdinburghUnited Kingdom16,896
7Guinness Storehouse, DublinIreland15,590
8High Roller, Las VegasUnited States of America15,535
9Diamond Head State Monument, HawaiiUnited States of America15,191
10Charles Bridge, PragueCzech Republic13,685

Principal Business Manager at Remitly, Jago McKenzie, comments: “Whether you’ve moved somewhere new or are just visiting somewhere for the first time, getting a good view of a place can be a great way to get a feel for the location, and give that satisfying feeling that you’ve truly ‘arrived’.”

“Under the hashtags for #newhome or #imoved on Instagram, we can see many photos of people looking out over a view of where they will now be calling home, so we wanted to use our research to help people no matter where they’ve moved, to find the best viewpoints close to them,” he added.

“The diversity of the findings from dense city scapes to natural wonders just goes to show the beauty the world has to offer, and why we should continue to celebrate moving around it and experiencing new sights and sounds.”

This image below shows the ‘Best View’ as listed by Remitly, for each state in Australia:

Trip Advisor Views

For the full findings of Remitly’s study and the accompanying graphics which visualise the greatest views worldwide, visit here.

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