Viewa: An Entertainment App with Augmented Reality

By Frederique Bros
on 8 April 2021

We all love reading the latest gossip, entertainment news, home decoration tips or the must-have fashion outfit from our fav magazines. What about if you could grab the info straight up from the mag to your smartphone? Viewa is a free entertainment Android and Apple app for everyone who loves to read the latest news.

What is Viewa?

Viewa is an augmented reality app that brings content to life on your smartphone or tablet. It’s super easy to use. Select the channel that corresponds with what you are looking at, look for the viewa logo, hold your device over the image and watch the magic happen!

With Viewa you can do many things, such as:

  • Watch videos
  • View 3D effects
  • See additional photos
  • Listen to music and album samplers
  • Vote in polls and opinion pieces
  • Enter competitions to win prizes
  • Download and save vouchers and offers
  • Read your favourite magazine.

How Does the Viewa App Work?

  • Look for images and objects that carry the Viewa logo.
  • Open your app on your smartphone.
  • Focus and screen your screen over the entire image or object.
  • Watch the content to come to life!   Look out for the Viewa logo in some of the world’s most popular magazines, on billboards, catalogues, and packaging – just about anywhere.

Viewa Key benefits:

  • Enhance your printed material
  • Engage your audience
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Measure ads performance
  • Set-up campaigns easily

What is Viewa?

Viewa is an augmented content platform that enhances print creative, generates qualified customer leads and provides advertisers with direct sales opportunities.

Viewa allows companies to enhance marketing campaigns by using Augmented Reality (AR) to make printed media come to life. Printed assets can be easily scanned to access fully customisable content. Once viewed, users can opt-in to receive further information, making Viewa one of Australia’s most advanced lead generation tools. The Viewa technology can recognise any image (print creative, outdoor, point of sale, newspaper, poster, brochure etc) without relying on codes or watermarks. Our expert team have delivered over 5,000 campaigns for some of the worlds most recognised brands.

Viewa website:

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