Two Sense: The First Australian Virtually Connected Band

By Libby Jane Charleston
on 27 February 2017

The beauty of technology means a cutting edge new band can record its first single, without ever meeting face-to-face. Australia’s virtually connected band, Two Sense, have released their debut track, ‘Firefly’ which has been created entirely online in the artists’ homes via the nbn network.

Musician and GQ ‘Breakthrough Solo Artist’ of 2016, Harts, helped put the music together using video conferencing, file transfer sites and social media.
Recent figures show that YouTube is now the number one search engine for music fans and the rise in digital streaming services has seen Australia’s music industry experience its first growth in three years.

Harts said Two Sense is evidence of how access to the nbn network can provide the opportunity to stream, share, create and perform music across multiple platforms.

“It’s been incredible to mentor such talented musicians in this cross-country collaboration and see how the internet is transforming the world of music,” Harts, said.

“We’ve been developing and pushing the boundaries in the creation of ‘Firefly’, discovering that music today is limitless. It is a beautifully earthy track, integrating digitally produced sound with a raw, folk guitar melody.”

Two Sense features vocalist and songwriter Rowena Wise from Melbourne, producer Jayden Rando from Western Australia, and guitarist Lucy Mills (aka ‘Leo’) from New South Wales.

“This experience has been unbelievable. I never would have thought that I’d be collaborating with artists across the country to produce such an amazing first track over the internet,” Mills said.

“I’m excited to be at the forefront of a unique musical collaboration and look forward to seeing where new innovations will take music next.”

Rowena Wise

Vocalist Rowena Wise said the virtual collaboration has been a milestone in her musical career.

“I can’t believe how far we have come! We are all so proud of ‘Firefly ‘and surprised about just how simple it has been to collaborate online.”

“This has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the concept of borderless music creation and also to learn from Harts, our incredibly talented and fearless mentor,” producer Jayden Rando (aka ‘Rando) said.

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