The Best Movies, TV Series And Docs To Watch About Queen Elizabeth Before Monday

Pamela Connellan
on 17 September 2022

Monday will mark the end of an era with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. As people around the globe mourn the death of the English monarch after a reign spanning over 70 years, it’s the ideal time to catch up on some of the great TV series, movies and documentaries which have been made about Queen Elizabeth II.

She remained a beloved political figure and you see this in these movies and despite enduring much criticism and hardship throughout her life. Her story is the subject of multiple movies and TV series – from Netflix’s The Crown to many illuminating documentaries.

The Queen Opera House
A photo of Queen Elizabeth II has lit up the Sydney Opera House for the past week. The photo was taken when she visited Australia in 2006.

In Australia, you don’t have to go far to be reminded of the Queen’s presence. Sydney’s Opera House has been showing an image of Queen Elizabeth II over the past eight days. The photo was taken when she visited here on a tour in 2006.

So, take a moment to catch up with Her Majesty and enjoy these shows and movies over the weekend:

The Queen (2006)

You can watch the classic movie, The Queen, starring Helen Mirren, on Paramount+, Hulu and HBO Max.

Helen Mirren is perfectly cast as the Queen and this 2006 film follows the Royal Family in the wake of Princess Diana’s tragic death, with Queen Elizabeth’s reluctance to make a statement and address her people putting her in the spotlight.

Helen Mirren won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance as Elizabeth II and this alone makes it worthwhile watching this amazing movie as it cover one of the agonizing times in the Queen’s life.

The Crown (2016) on Netflix

This widely acclaimed Netflix series chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II, with Claire Foy and Olivia Colman portraying her in different periods of her life. Following her through her wedding to Prince Philip, the birth of Prince Edward, the rise of Margaret Thatcher, and the many conflicts and scandals in-between, The Crown remains one of the world’s most popular and riveting historical dramas, despite being also known for some inaccuracies.

The Crown is due to release its fifth season in November, with Imelda Staunton taking the reigns as Elizabeth, so we can only wait to see what’s in store for this season and what will happen now the Queen has passed. You can watch all the first four seasons of this season on Netflix now.

Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen – AppleTV

Only released this year for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, this TV documentary reveals over an hour’s worth of home videos of Elizabeth and her family never seen before by the public. The film presents footage of Elizabeth when she was an infant, when she first traveled abroad with her family, and when she was engaged to Prince Philip. Following Elizabeth through actual moments of her life will make for a surreal but tearful experience for anyone watching, especially now.

You can watch this documentary on AppleTV.

Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts (2022) – on YouTube

If you want to watch a fun documentary about the Queen, then this one called Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts could be the one. It was made by A-list director, Roger Michel, (director of Notting Hill and The Duke), this documentary is a playful collage of seven decades’ worth of Elizabethan news footage. This could be a good one to watch over the weekend.

You can watch Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts on YouTube.

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