We Found The App That Claims To Be The “UberEats Of Charitable Giving”

Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 10 October 2023

At Women Love Tech, we’re seriously excited about all things SXSW. Including the opportunity to discover some exciting and emerging brands in the tech space. Among those is Charitabl. – the progressive app based donation platform often referred to as the “UberEats of charitable giving.”

Charitabl. Charity done differently

Charitabl. is not your typical charity platform. It’s a native app designed to centralise the not for profit sector, and provide users with a trusted home base for their giving. This innovative platform offers a range of practical features. These include annual giving statements, curated favorite lists, swipe to give functionality, and compatibility with Apple Pay and Google Pay. However, perhaps most importantly, Charitabl. operates on a commission free model, to ensure that donations go directly to the intended charities.

A central hub for giving

According to  Charitabl. Chief of Staff, Jocelyn Goto, the platform hosts only registered and reporting charities. Therefore this simplifies the process of donation and eliminates the fear and confusion that can sometimes arise when giving to less reputable causes.

“This approach prevents users from inadvertently supporting organisations that may not have the best intentions. To ultimately avoid situations like that of Celeste Barber, whose well intentioned efforts during the bush fires led to legal battles and restrictions on her charitable work.”

From orphan to entrepenuer

Much of the credit should be directed to CEO and Founder, Mike Gore, whose life story adds a poignant layer to the company’s mission. Abandoned at birth in India in 1981 Mike was found by a passing pediatrician. Then placed in an orphanage and subsequently adopted by an Australian family. “Mike’s journey from orphan to entrepreneur is a testament to the transformative power of kindness and second chances,” says Jocelyn. 

Reflecting on his remarkable journey, Mike adds “Charitabl. is my way of paying it forward for an act of kindness that changed the course of my life. To be at SXSW Sydney in the start up village is beyond my wildest dreams.”

A vision for change

Charitabl.’s vision is clear. To become the house hold name in giving, offering users an easy and efficient way to support any of the 39,000 registered charities on the platform. The company’s business model relies on charities paying a modest monthly fee to access premium benefits. Such as managing donation data, appeals modules, custom swipe amounts, and profile updates.

“Charitabl. is not about selling data or making a profit from it,” says Jocelyn. “Instead, it’s about sharing the costs of technology across the sector. To help charities run more efficiently and allocate more funds directly to their projects. In an era where charities face increasing pressure to maximise their impact and minimise administrative costs, Charitabl. presents an exciting value proposition that could change the world.”

Charitabl. Is available for download from the AppStore or GooglePlay. The team will also be at SXFW.


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