What is a COVID-Free Conversation Zone?

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 4 September 2021

Some workplaces are declaring themselves as COVID-free conversation zones.

I think it’s great to hear there are some safe places where we can switch off and ignore negative news and statistic updates.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused ongoing uncertainty with the closure of businesses and cancellation of many events (public and private).  The strict rules and regulations have created division amongst the community.

During lockdowns, there has been an increase in drinking, which is one of the contributing factors towards skyrocketing levels of depression and anxiety. Recently Lifeline has been recording its highest ever number of daily calls.

There is a group of mothers who are posting about their children’s personal experiences with lockdowns, homeschooling and the shadow pandemic. #shadowpandemicvic

We’re hearing a narrative that’s getting mind-numbing. Personally, I’ve been disappointed in the lack of variety in the local news, so I’ve moved to reading international and independent news websites.

Many people I’ve spoken with are starting to feel fatigued about reading and hearing about the news. Others have switched off the news or enjoyed taking a digital detox.

How to Declare a COVID-Free Conversation Zone?

One of the small businesses I follow on Instagram has declared themselves a COVID-Free Conversation Zone. The owner added a statement saying you can talk about the topic if your mental health or livelihood has or is being affected. Otherwise, you’ll need to find something else to talk about.

The business owner explained that it allowed her staff members to fully focus on their job. It also allowed their clients to relax and take a break from their everyday lives. As a result, it ensured that her employees were continuing to provide good customer service.

She said that many of her clients felt anxious about the subject. While others had differences of opinion.

To declare a COVID-free conversation zone, just write a couple of paragraphs up and share it on your social media. Or place some posters up on around your workplace.

COVID-free conversation zones are ideal for gyms, yoga and Pilates studios, massage and beauty therapy spots.

Let’s Leave Your Personal Health off Social Media

You might like to add a line or two to your social media policy about excluding health advice, COVID news and vaccines off your business platforms. I don’t want to hear about your pap smears or prostate exams, nor do I care to hear about your vaccine status.

When businesses mix their personal life on social media, I often unsubscribe or unfollow. Some topics of conversation are just not appropriate on social media. Please avoid over-sharing with strangers.

Anyway, the popular social network platforms have been censoring and shadow banning qualified medical professionals and the public from adding their personal experiences and beliefs. There’s a growing trend where people are moving away from these larger platforms towards the independent or foreign-owned platforms, where there is true freedom of speech and less censorship.

Have you Been Doom Scrolling?

Doom scrolling or doom surfing in the mindless reading of bad or negative news. It may have become an addictive habit where you need to know all of the details despite the news being sad or depressing.

The best way to break the habit might be to turn your mobile phone off, leave it at home, or go cold turkey. Alternatively, you might like to set a time limit.

You might like to start journaling or a new hobby to keep your mind busy. If you’re starting to get obsessed with checking the news, then feel free to take a digital detox.

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