Gaming By Your Zodiac Sign – What’s Your Video Gaming Style?

Emeric Brard
on February 27, 2021

Gaming by your zodiac sign. Here, Emeric Brard takes a look at your gaming style taken from your star sign.

I’m artistic, overly trusting, in love with music, and I have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle, at least, that’s what my zodiac sign says about me as a person. But how you are in real life, and how you are inside a video game are completely different, so surely my video game horoscope must be different too, right? Let’s find out.

Below is a zodiac cheat sheet to reveal your gaming style put together by the team from  Fort Mason Games— the female run mobile gaming company that brought you chart-topping games Lucky Scratch, Lucky Cash Slots, and Confetti Casino.


Aries, Zodiac Sign

‘Aries play the game for the joy of it. They soak up all the little details and let the cadence of the game play relaxes them, allowing them to be fully present in the game.’

We recommend any type of fighting game. Here’s a list of games that might interest you.



Taurus, Zodiac Sign

‘There’s nothing a Taurus loves more than to win. When it comes to their mobile gaming habits they are bold, ambitious risk-takers who are determined to take home the top spot!’

We think that action games would suit you the most. Check out this list of games that we think you’d enjoy.



Gemini, Zodiac Sign, Video Game

‘Gemini want to play all the games, all the time, at the same time. There’s a reason Gemini is the twins, most people under this sign wish there were two of them, so that they could play more games.’

You heard the horoscope, you’ll like everything, go for it!



Cancer, Zodiac Sign, Video Games

‘Cancers pick up the intricacies of mobile games almost intuitively, understanding almost immediately what it will take to win and what they have to accomplish to get the most out of their experiences.’

Mobile games, huh? Here‘s a few you might like.



Leo, Zodiac Sign, Video Games

‘Leos want to win, but more importantly, they want to be seen winning. Lively, theatrical, Leos know how to make a statement with every move they make in the game. They love the social aspect of mobile games because it keeps the focus on themselves.’

You definitely need to play some first-person shooters, so that everyone can see you topping the charts! Here are some of my favourites.



Virgo, Zodiac Sign, Video Games

‘For a Virgo, game play takes a back seat to making sure their gaming library is organized, color-coded, and systematically categorized. When it comes to actually playing, they are perfectionists. So don’t ever expect a side quest to go unfulfilled.’

What you’re looking for is an open-world game. Here are a bunch that you can spend hours on, and don’t forget the side quests!



Libra, Zodiac Sign, Video Games

‘Libras sometimes come of as flighty, crushing a high score one minute, laxly going with the flow the next. But don’t be deceived, their desire for symmetry and equilibrium often makes them well-rounded players able to appreciate the thrill of the play, and the beauty of the game design.’

You might be best suited for strategy games, where you control it all. Check these out!



Scorpio, Zodiac Sign, Video Games

‘The fiery nature of the Scorpio can often be misunderstood. Yes, they are in it to win it, and yes, they will continue to grind through a mobile game until they’ve mastered it. But they are far from one-track minded and are often as intuitive during game play as Cancer can be.’

Like Cancers, you’d like mobile games, but we think you’d also enjoy these.



Sagittarius, Zodiac Sign, Video Games

‘For Sagittarius, it’s about discovery and trying new games – why play one game at a time when you can play several? They will approach each game with gusto, looking to get the most out of the time they spend playing mobile games. But don’t assume they aren’t paying attention, because they just might beat your top score.’

You should try mobile games, like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, I’m sure you’d smash the records! Here a few of the best temple run-like mobile games, but also try these, they’re either already released or about to be…



Capricorn, Zodiac Sign, Video Games

‘Capricorns love games filled with strategy and logic. Skilled at navigating the rules of a game, they are also preternaturally able to understand the nuances of a game, using both sides of their personality to their advantage.’

Likewise to Libras, strategy games are probably your best bet here, but we also recommend Virtual Reality games.




Aquarius, Zodiac Sign, Video Games

‘If you’re playing a cooperative mobile game, Aquarius is who you want on your team. Their desire to help and put the team’s needs ahead of their own make them excellent gaming partners. Every role playing game team needs a healer, and Aquarius is it.’

You’re just perfect for Co-op games, here are some of the best!




‘Like their pair of fish avatars, Pisces are often conflicted and can seem are unable to make important gameplay decisions when the time comes. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When it comes to gaming, Pisces will almost always make the right decision in the end. It just takes them a little longer to get there.’


Well, you’re a Pisces, so you must LOVE fishing games…we’re just kidding. You’d probably be quite good at sports games or RPGs (role-playing games), because once you get the hand of it, there’ll be no stopping you.


So there you have it, a genre for every sign. Let us know which one you got? Remember though, the beauty of games is the freedom that comes with it, even if you’re more suited to a certain type of game, don’t be afraid to try something else. Who knows? You might just love it too.

Zodiac illustrations by Rikki Markson

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