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10 Bad Situations When Your Phone Loses Power, And How Fone King Can Help

10 Bad Situations When Your Phone Loses Power, And How Fone King Can Help

Are you afraid of those battery-death moments?

That frustrating feeling of seeing your phone battery die, your screen turn to black, and your sad reflection staring back at you, just when you need your phone for something important? Fear not, for Fone King is here to rescue you.

Whether it’s bad luck or just bad timing, losing your phone battery power in some situations is far worse than others. Take for example:

  1. Right before you exchange numbers with someone in a club. You could write their number down, but who carries a pen to the club? Will you ever find love?
  2. When you’re trying to get anywhere. Like, anywhere. Because we all know we would literally be lost without Google Maps.
  3. When you’re mid-argument with someone on your phone (chatting/talking), and you aren’t able to get your point across and your silence looks like a sign of defeat. Gasp.
  4. Just before you order your Uber home. Let’s face it, this should probably be number 1 or 2. Your disappointed sigh as walk the long way home can be heard far and wide.
  5. When you’ve set an alarm. Yikes. When you do wake up, you’re going to be late. Very late.
  6. When you’re doing a job interview over the phone. Chances are you said you were organised on your CV but your phone dying mid-conversation doesn’t really illustrate that point. Well, better luck next time!
  7. After you’ve waited on hold for 30 minutes to talk to customer service. All that time listening to that awful music for nothing, and you’re probably going to have to wait just as long when you call them again.
  8. When you’re sitting on the toilet and want to stay hidden away for as long as possible, whether it’s during a family event or at the office. What can you do now?
  9. Waiting in line for anything. What did people do before phones when waiting at the coffee shop?
  10. When you’re at a party where you don’t know anyone. We’ve all been there. If you can’t distract yourself with Instagram or Facebook, you might have to actually talk to these people.

Besides compiling some of the worst moments for your phone to lose battery (according to the experts), Fone King allows you to keep your phone charged while on the go.

  • They have portable chargers, like the Wireless Charger (RRP $139.95), allowing to you to charge your phone without having to use pesky cables.
  • From the IDMIX range comes the MATE 7 (RRP $139.95) with built-in iPhone and Micro USB cable.
  • And for the fashion conscious, the sleek leather casing on the MOMAX charger (RRP $99.95) is a super-chic must-have item!

You can buy these and more from the Fone King website.

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