Who Is Speaking At The Tech Conference By and For Black Female Founders?

Andrew Rossow
on 18 July 2021

Returning for its 5th year, The Roadmap to Billions conference from Black Women Tech Talk brings over 2,500 investors, tech evangelists, and founders for an exclusive virtual gathering of Black female founders in the tech space, according to its website. On Thursday, The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) announced its support for the conference, signing on to present at the two-day conference on August 12 and 13, to support the beauty (tech) pitch competition for venture capitalist (funding).

Every year, the organisation hosts 200+ events across its worldwide chapters. Black Women Talk Tech has spent five years empowering Black women entrepreneurs and celebrating Black women’s innovations and brilliance in technology.  The organisation empowers Black women who are driving innovation worldwide within untapped markets that can unlock billion-dollar opportunities. Roadmap to Billions is the only tech conference created by Black female founders for Black female founders and supporters of the community.

Content for this year’s virtual conference is organised into 4 categories – leadership, product and technology, finance and operations, and culture and marketing. The winner of the competition has the chance to win $50,000 in cash and prizes, which will be awarded over the course of the conference. Bringing all the companies together, the conference unites founders in cosmetics, skin care, hair care, retail tech, and consumer experience and engagement tech.

Who Is Speaking?

Comprising of various events, The Roadmap to Billions event will have breakout sessions, expert speakers, recruiting opportunities, tech awards, cash prizes, and much more. In its current lineup, the conference will feature the following speakers:

  • Mellody Hobson, Ariel Investments
  • Dave Salvant + Songe LaRon, SQUIRE Technologies
  • Dr. Toyin Ajayi, Cityblock Health
  • Carolyn Pitt, Founder & CEO, Productions.com
  • Paulla McCarthy, CEO & Founder, YSS Waterworks
  • Ashlee Ammons & Kerry Shrader, Co-Founders Mixtroz
  • Charles Hudson, Managing Partner & Founder, Precursor Venture
  • Kobi Wu Pasmore, Founder & CEO VisuWall Technologies
  • Jovian Zayne, Founder & CEO, OnPurpose Movement
  • Antonia Baker, Head of Conversation & Interests Marketing, Twitter
  • Netta Dobbins, CEO, Mimconnect
  • Shellye Archambeau, Former CEO, Board Director, Author
  • Alex Hill, Home Cook & Recipe Director
  • DJ Olivia Dope
  • Khadijah Adams, Founder of Khadijah Adams, LLC dba Girl Get That Money
  • Marla Blow, COO, Skoll Foundation
  • Samara Lynn, Tech Journalist & Editor
  • Shydeia Caldwell, Co-Founder & CEO Black Girl Magik

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