Why You Need To Invest In A Web Developer For Advanced WordPress Websites

Recently, I upgraded my website to a new version the most stable version of PHP. It was a busy week – but I’m happy to say it all went smoothly, as I knew who to talk to and the essential steps required for deployment. 

A fun educational video about the evolution of WordPress

There are many reasons to hire a professional web developer to develop your website. You’ll want to look for someone who is certified by the Australian Computer Society, ( or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, ( or someone with a qualification in Information Technology or Multimedia.  

Find out more about WordPress security

I prefer to use an Australian hosting company so that I communicate with technical support during work hours. My website uses a security certificate to ensure an extra layer of protection. I am also using the Glutenberg block editor. 

The Roadmap for Gutenberg with a Demonstration

The website development phases are often called: initiation, design and analysis, development, go-live and testing. 

You will be provided with a test version of the website (often called beta). If the business client and/or users aren’t happy with the test website design, then the web development team will need to go back to the drawing board. 

A short video about Storybooks and usability with a block editor

On go-live, it is usual for the development team to celebrate with a few beers and their favourite takeout. They may need to go straight back into testing. It’s common to deploy websites and major upgrades after-hours when the least number of people will be using the website.

All about WordPress’s Latest Accessibility Plans

Fun Fact: Did you know that Women Love Tech uses WordPress

A well-designed website is a delicate balance between usability, accessibility and functionality. Your website must be designed to suit mobile phones and tablets.  

WordPress Advanced Design and Development talks can be viewed here:

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Written by Emma Crameri

I am a Brisbane-based freelance technical reviewer and writer. I have experience working in ICT, online education and digital marketing. I can turn your ideas into engaging and shareable online content. I'm an early adopter with both Android and Apple devices. I'm also the Editor of the Brisbanista website.


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  1. Great article Emma. One thing most of the business owners get wrong with WordPress is that they don’t need a developer at all if they choose it as the CMS for their website. Although that can be true to some extent for a general website, still if you want your brand to have a unique identity you need customization to be done on it which portrays your brand’s image. And I don’t think it can be done without hiring a professional WordPress developer.

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