You Will Almost Like Public Transports With This App

By Frederique Bros
on 1 August 2016

I hate public transports – sorry let me correct that. I hate Sydney’s public transports. They are slow, they smell really badly and there is a lot of weird people (seriously). So if there is an app somewhere which can tell me when is the next bus coming or train, then I will be a little calmer and I won’t kill the driver.

This app is amazing when you travel with over 60 cities! A must-have.

You Will Almost Like Public Transports With This App

All journeys, great and small. Now you only need 1 public transport app, wherever you go!

Embark – Free – Apple – Google

• 60+ cities, 1 app
Gone are the days of needing a different public transport app for any city you visit. Embark works in in over 15 countries!

• Live, real-time tracking
Tap on any stop or station to see the services arriving next, including live times – so you know when that next bus is actually arriving instead of just when it’s supposed to.

• One-tap directions to your favourite places
Add and save your favourite destinations, so you can quickly get step-by-step directions to them, from wherever you are.

• Uber integration
Search for a destination or tap on one of your favourites to see Uber as an option beneath public transport ones – we give you a fare estimate as well. Just tap to book!

• Live times on your Apple Watch
Now all you need to do is glance at your wrist to see when your next bus, train, tram or ferry is arriving!

• A tailored digest to keep you entertained
Time will fly while on your trip. Embark serves up a feed of the web’s most popular content in a personalised feed that you can save or share

• Better information, stuff that matters
Type in a destination and Embark will show you the best options to get there, with important details like carbon emissions and the calories you’ll burn.

• Next-gen interaction with screens
Like magic, you’ll very soon be able to interact with screens at stops and stations, just by being near them. Vote on that poll, download that trailer, or like that jacket for later!

• More value just for you, near you
Embark understands your frequented routes, so keep an eye on the map for freebies and other offers at places you love!

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