Women Love Tech Founder Interview With Emilia Rossi

By Frederique Bros
on 16 April 2015

Dear readers, please see below an extract of the interview with the beautiful Emilia Rossi an enthusiastic online marketer, based in Melbourne, who is outspoken, creative and appreciates beautifully designed things…

Emilia is passionate about technology and the web world in general – Emilia knows how to ask pertinent questions for example how to unwind from an online world or which is my favourite app…

Women Love Tech Founder Interview with Emilia Rossi

“It’s not every day I get the pleasure to enjoy a nice dinner with a funny and passionate French tech expert. I’m talking about the creative founder behind Australia’s number one tech site for women – Women Love Tech.

I first met Frederique in Melbourne 3 years ago and I’ll never forget our first coffee date. After many emails back and forth over a couple of months we finally met. Our first date wasn’t normal, all we talked about was website design, Google Analytics and SEO. We hardly spoke about our own lives; we were just two geeky girls, talking about tech and design. We had a lot in common and this girl was serious about her technology and gadgets.

Wind the clock forward and today Women Love Tech is going stronger than ever. I caught up with Frederique last month when she was in Melbourne attending an e-commerce conference. I was blown away to hear that she was recently nominated for the Telstra Women Business Awards 2015. What an incredible award to be nominated for – go, Freddie! She has also been busy redesigning the entire WLT website. I just love the new design, it makes the site feel more like a high-end online publication rather than just a tech blog for women.”

“2) What is the most common frustration you think women have with technology?”

“Women think too quickly technology is complicated and only for guys. There are so many forms of technology these days and they are very accessible. I think the most difficult task for women with technology is to make and to find time in their busy lives.”

To Read the full interview, please click here.


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