Women Love Tech Journalists Are Finalists For The 20th Samsung Australian IT Journalism Awards

By Pamela Connellan
on 25 October 2022

Women Love Tech was thrilled to be a finalist for three categories for the 20th Samsung Australian IT Journalism Awards held at Luna Park in Sydney last week. These awards are the technology media’s highest honour, recognising the best technology journalism and media in Australia and New Zealand.

Women Love Tech Journalist, Pamela Connellan, was a finalist for Best Technology Industry Journalist and Women Love Tech’s Editor Robyn Foyster was a finalist for Best Corporate IT Journalist and Best Program.

Women Love Tech Staff
Women Love Tech Journalist, Pamela Connellan, and Women Love Tech’s Editor, Robyn Foyster, were
finalists for three of the IT Journalism Awards.

This was the 20th year for the Samsung Australian IT Journalism Awards, supported by Samsung, Enex TestLab, Watterson Marketing Communications, Amazon Web Services, Atlassian, Optus and Apptio. Over 300 people attended the awards ceremony at Luna Park’s Crystal Ballroom including the finalists, other members of the media and others who are part of the public relations and technology communities.

Speaking on the night as Best Journalist, Jackson Ryan said: “genuinely The Lizzies have always been something that I’ve held quite dear so it’s incredible to be up here,” thanking his editor Mark Serrels and CNET for their support.

The Lizzies 2022
The Lizzies are held each year in the Crystal Ballroom at Luna Park.

Accepting the Gold Lizzie for Best Title, The Australian Financial Review’s Paul Smith said “It means a lot because there is so much good journalism done and so many stories that are based around the very broad concept of technology. Technology is everything now. Technology is in every part of the newspaper that we all work for, and every facet of life.”

The Lizzies 2022
This was the 20th year for The Lizzies, held at Luna Park. From left to right are Women Love Tech’s Pamela Connellan and Robyn Foyster, with Azadeh Williams of AZK Media and one of the judges for the awards.

For more from Women Love Tech on Awards, visit here.

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