Women Love Tech Meets With Shoes Of Prey

Frederique Bros
on 30 June 2014

It is not a secret, that women love shoes. Personally, I’m obsessed with them. I can spend hours on my iPad scrolling shos sites and bookmarking my favourite ones. So what happens when a tech girl like me meets a beautiful girl who made her business around shoes? Women Love Tech meets with Shoes Of Prey. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Jodie Fox from Shoes Of Prey, a global, multi-channel retail brand that enables shoppers to design their own shoes online. Let’s discover what makes Jodie a tech-savvy woman. 

Can you give us a little background on your career to date?

I’m a banking and finance lawyer by trade. I practised for about 3 years before moving into account management at a creative advertising agency for 2 years. It was towards the end of that time that we started Shoes Of Prey.

Tell us about your site

Shoes Of Prey is a website where women can design their very own shoes. They choose the heel height (we have 10 heights from flat through to a 6-inch heel), heel shape (stiletto, wedge, thick), the choose from 170+ materials and many toe shapes and decorations to create their own shoe. We then hand-make the shoes one at a time and ship them to your waiting feet in under 4 weeks.

What makes you aim your site at women?

The average woman buys 13 pairs of shoes per year and shopping habits for women show that they enjoy the process of shopping. Men do not enjoy the process of shopping much less needing to design before purchasing, and have a much lower average purchase rate of shoes per year – so the opportunity is much bigger with women for me.

Have you met some major technology problems when you were creating your business?

Yes – we were the first to do this globally back in October 2009 when we launched, so the entire system had to be custom-built.

Would you call yourself a techno-savvy woman? and why?

Haha – I’m not sure – I enjoy technology and know a reasonable amount about it, I co-founded a fashion tech company so for those reasons yes. However, I don’t code very well so I think for that reason perhaps no…

What kind of smartphone do you have?

iPhone 5S

Name 3 apps you use every day

Whatsapp, sunrise and instagram

The last picture you pinned on Pinterest?

I hate to admit it but I don’t really use it.

What is your last Facebook status update?

Oh, this is embarrassing… it’s a Konami code easter egg.

Thank you Jodie for your precious time and I wish you all the best with your amazing business online.

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Image Credit: Jodie and Shoes Of Prey

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