Women Rising Founder Megan Dalla-Camina Shares How She’s Empowering Women

By Lucy Broadbent
on 27 December 2022

Women Rising Founder Megan Dalla-Camina shares how she’s empowering women across the globe with her evidence based courses.

True or false?  Girls perform better in schools. Women are more inspiring motivators in business. Females show stronger business ethics and are more able community builders.

Every fact is true, supported by study after study from around the globe. And never has there been a greater need for female support because as everyone knows, women typically work two jobs – one in the workplace, the other at home.

“Now is the time for women to be investing in the future that they want to create,” says Megan Dalla-Camina, renowned as a world expert in inspirational women’s leadership, well-being, and empowerment.

 “Since the pandemic we are seeing record levels of burnout amongst women, and never have women needed more support in their lives and careers.”

 Offering that support comes Women Rising, which is now opening registration of their acclaimed professional development program, designed to give women confidence and offer practical steps for women to take their leadership to the next level without burnout.

 It’s a four month long holistic program which leads women on a personal and professional development journey, ideal for all careers and all industries.  This will be the fifth time the program has run, already achieving a worldwide reputation for its proven results. 

In the two years since it began, more than 4,500 women, 465 managers, and 412 organisations including Microsoft, have undertaken the virtual program, all of them reporting significant positive outcomes not only for the women themselves, but for the businesses they work in.

That’s significant.  It means that business leaders everywhere are learning that by investing in women, supporting them with expert coaches, they get to see tangible results for their businesses.

 “We see remarkable results and outcomes from women, from all industries, job types and levels,” explains Dalla-Camina, who is the program founder.  

“Every business is looking for effective ways to attract, retain and promote women in their workplace and achieve more gender balance and equity.  In a tough job market, focusing on the development of key talent is critical.”

Michelle Markham, Asia Digital Sales leader at Microsoft, who took part in the program, describes it as life-changing.  “It changed my mindset, the way I looked at leadership and most importantly made me realise what I am capable of as a female leader.”

The Women Rising program will start on March 8 2023, celebrating International Women’s Day and will run until June 29.  It is open to all women, regardless of role, industry, or level of experience.  It is applicable to all career journey stages and the coaching supports individual needs. Currently it is priced at $999, which is 50% off the standard program rate of $1,999.

Visit womenrisingco.com/program to read the program details and register online.


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