World Photography Day: Which Camera Are You?

By Alice Duthie
on 19 August 2022

To celebrate this World Photography Day, Nikon has shared a user-friendly guide to work out which camera you are based on your key personality traits. 

Perhaps you are already an avid photographer wondering whether you have the right product match or maybe you are in the market for a camera to test out a new weekend hobby? Whatever your reason, with Nikon’s vast portfolio of equipment, there is an option for everyone.

Nature lover

Are you someone who loves to be fully immersed in nature, walking through an open bush trail with a camera in hand capturing all that Australia’s flora and fauna has to offer? The Nikon Z 50 will likely be the camera for you. Representing your adventurous and down-to-earth ways, the Z 50 loves to capture unique detailed, up-close shots. 

Life of the party

Life of the party, device as an extension of your hand, ready to capture any moment, in the moment, at the perfect time – you may be the Nikon Z 30. As an iconic member of the millennial family, you love to capture the highlights of your day-to-day life from your morning coffee to your evening adventures with friends or family, capturing the ins and outs of daily life. 

Ambitious Instagrammer

A keen traveller and social sharer, lover of the arts, you encapsulate the classic design of Nikon’s Z fc. With an iconic and retro feel, with a colour palette range to suit any mood, you consistently achieve everything you set your mind to, carrying each task out with calm and controlled composure. 

Determined perfectionist

Are you an unstoppable creative powerhouse, constantly on the run, and going above and beyond to get everything done? Through and through, you are the epitome of the Nikon Z 9. Being part of life’s greatest moments, a reliable friend and loyal companion, you are a true representation of the Z 9. 

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