Would You Wear Upcycled Sunnies To Save The Great Barrier Reef?

Jo Munro
on 1 September 2020

It is estimated that more than eight million tonnes of plastic, including harmful fishing nets, end up in our oceans every year. As younger generations lead the charge in demanding eco-friendly fashion and environmental first initiatives from brands, we can expect to see more recycled fashion in the future.

Vision Direct’s Upcycled Arise Sunglasses

Consider how you can help impact these grim statistics in a positive way by bringing upcycled fashion into your wardrobe and how brands like Arise Collective that are paving the way for change.


Arise Collective joined forces with WWF-Australia to help protect and conserve Australia’s marine wildlife. One of the last commercial gill nets was removed from the Northern Great Barrier Reef and a pair of glamorous, sustainable ReefCycle sunglasses were launched. They upcycled old fishing nets from the Great Barrier Reef and cut, melted and moulded them into sustainable sunglasses now selling from $89.

Is upcycling like recycling?

Upcycling is using different products to make something new and better. For example, upcycling clothes into shopping bags!

Recycling is transforming a used product into a new version of the same thing. For example, recycling junk mail into paper to use for printing.

Some clever brands leading the charge in the fashion space include:

  • Patagonia: The outdoor clothing brand leads the sustainable fashion world having started using recycled plastic bottles to make their garments back in 1993!
  • Urban Outfitters: Have a sub-clothing line that revamps deadstock materials that typically end up in landfill into unique clothing pieces
  • WWF-Australia x Arise Collective: The conservation organisation and eyewear brand joined forces to create upcycled sunglasses

Why consider Upcycled sunglasses this season?

Buying a pair of ReefCycle keeps commercial gill nets out of our oceans.

Help protect over 98,000 marine animals: It’s estimated that 98,000 of our precious marine life are caught by commercial gill nets on Queensland’s east coast every year. Buying a pair of ReefCycle keeps commercial gill nets out of our oceans.

Continue to remove harmful plastics from our oceans:

Vision Direct sunnies
VisionDirect sunnies

The more sunglasses that are sold, the more proceeds will go towards funding WWF-Australia conservation work, like advocacy for a Net-Free North.

Well, they are stylish and come in a range of options to suit everyone, even Dad.

Full choice of lens options: The upcycled glasses are available with both non-prescription and prescription lenses as well as polarized or non-polarized. Plus, choose from a range of colours including black, brown or green tinted lenses.

Shop them here now or try them on before you buy them with Vision Direct’s Virtual Try-On tool by selecting your favourite and selecting ‘selfie view’.

Reduce, reuse, upcycle!

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