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Spotify Brings You Smart Wine, Pairing Wine With Music

Jimmy Brings + Spotify Bring You Smart Wine, Pairing Wine With Music

If you think getting your food and drink delivered to your doorstep while you spend a relaxed evening at home on a cold winter evening watching a movie or a TV show with your partner, is a great way to spend your time, you’re going to love this.

If you enjoy going to bars where the bartender makes you a drink based on your “mood”, you’re also going to love this.

Spotify has tied up with alcohol delivery service Jimmy Brings to create the ‘Songmelier Edition’ (love the wordplay!), that pairs a range of wines with the perfect music. Each wine in the set (they have an Australian Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc and Reserve Shiraz) has its very own dedicated Spotify playlist. The range was launched earlier this week by Australian TV personality Kate Peck. That’s right people, it’s 2018, and if you aren’t pairing your wine with your music, you’re not doing it right.

It’s common knowledge that Spotify has a terrific target algorithm, it’s what most of us love about using the app. That and the songs. Bringing their technology to the wine delivery industry was a really interesting move. And what a move it is. I sampled the Shiraz (wine and Spotify playlist), and the whole process was incredible from start to end! The wine was delivered by Jimmy Brings within the standard delivery service time period. Each bottle has a label with a Spotify Code on the front and back. All I had to do was open my Spotify app, select the camera icon in the search bar, and then hold it over the code. Now, I know that quite a few places and websites require us to use our phones to scan QR codes and bar codes, but never have I ever scanned a code so quickly and intuitively. Within a second, the code was scanned and I had access to the exclusive Spotify wine-paired playlist.

Spotify + Jimmy Brings scan code

The Shiraz was paired with an amazing playlist that included Stairway to Heaven, All Along the Watchtower, and Fortunate Son, among other songs, and even though I’d heard every song on the playlist numerous times before, together the mix of jazz and rock’n’roll made a really cohesive playlist that actually worked perfectly with the wine (the wine, btw, was smooth and rich, but that’s a review for another time perhaps).

Spotify shiraz playlist

As a design nerd, I also loved the packaging of the bottle. Not only does the label have super simple instructions on how to scan the code (open Spotify > Select search > Tap in-app camera > Scan code), but the code itself is in a sound wave pattern, making it seem like an extension of the famous Spotify logo. Smart packaging, ftw!

So go on, next time you feel like some wine at home (alone or for a date-night in or for a party), order it on Jimmy Brings; you won’t just get wine, but a mix of fast delivery + good wine + seamless tech + awesome playlist for the evening, making it a really cool, fun, and playful experience.

Spotify + Jimmy Brings wine selection

 It is free to download app, online on their website, or by phone on 1800 JIMMYS.

Sneha Khale

Written by Sneha Khale

With a background in Psychology and Criminology, Sneha has spent the past several years working in the travel and tech industries. As a writer and editor, she's most interested in developing content which is at the intersection of pop culture, gender, and contemporary lifestyle. "Don't let your 'to do' list get longer than your Netflix 'to watch' queue," is her philosophy for 2018.

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