You’ll Never Guess What’s Trending On TikTok This Month

By Mary Grace
on 27 December 2022

TikTok Trends | Butterboards and Squirrels In My Pants are trending

Here are the coolest trends from TikTok this month based on the most popular songs, hashtags, producers, and videos.

TikTok Trends This October! | Women Love Tech

#schoolholidays – 214.2M views

With it now being school holidays, TikTokers are highlighting fun places to go and activities to do to keep the kids entertained.

#heartbreakhigh – 201.2M views

Netflix’s reboot of Heartbreak High, filmed in Australia, is gaining traction and interest on TikTok with the show highlighting iconic Gen Z fashion.

#butterboard – 193.2M views

Butterboards are the latest food trend dominating our TikTok FYP. Check out this example by Aussie influencer Michael Finch, who calls butterboards “the new charcuterie board”.

Trending and Breakout Sounds / Songs in Australia on TikTok:

TikTok Trends This October! | Women Love Tech

Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

Due to a TikTok craze that started earlier this year in which many producers participated by posting video of themselves as youngsters and then a current shot displaying their “glow up,”.

S.I.M.P (Squirrels In My Pants) [From Phineas and Ferb] – Geek Music

The popular song from the Disney television program Phineas and Ferb are currently trending on S.I.M.P, and creators are dancing and lip-syncing to it. Popular videos by well-known artists like @caleb.finn show a second participant jumping in and appearing to dance in the first creator’s palm.

Paradise – Ikson

This audio has been popular previously but has recently seen pick up again, used in the background of videos that are wholesome including satisfying cleaning videos, or to add ambiance to travel vlogs.

Creators We’re Loving

Manuel Pamkal – @topdidj | 182.9K Followers

Manuel works for a cultural experience and art gallery company, in Katherine, NT, and shares educational videos showcasing a variety of traditional First Nations cultural experiences.

Noah Johnson – @oneofonearchive | 194.3K Followers

Noah exhibits his production and design skills for his upcycling clothes line, all of which are developed and produced in Tasmania by him using only recycled or second-hand materials.

Jenna Hudson – @jennawiththepink | 1M Followers

Jenna is a strong supporter of period positivity and the eradication of period poverty. Along with some interesting fashion and beauty material, she frequently publishes engaging clips in which she interviews people and enlightens the audience about the female reproductive system.

3 Popular TikTok Videos right now:

@gordonramsayofficial – 7.8M Likes

Check out this Gordon Ramsay-approved recipe for a Shepherd’s Pie!

@unbanmasonboy – 6.2M Likes

Who doesn’t love a cringe-worthy video of a terrible pick-up line being shot down?

@maaaddddiiiisssoooonnnnn – 3.1M Likes

A scenario most sibling duos can relate to – the kitchen catch up.


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