Your Dream Office – Tips For Creating Your Home Office

Your Dream Office At Home – Tips For Creating Your Home Office

Whether you work from home or just need a weekend workspace, it’s important to create an area that enhances your productivity but also blends together the elements of professionalism, comfort, and personality. Getting a home office right can be difficult but there are key details and features you can add to your home office to make it a space you’ll always want to work in. We asked the female-led online interior design business, Designbx for their top home office design tips.

1. Keep it minimal.

When designing your home office, stick with a minimalistic approach. Pens, sticky notes, and highlights can be fun but only keep items that you really need on your desk. Stationery can be great but don’t let it distract and clutter your workstation.


2. Comfort is key.

Your home office should also ease you into a professional mindset as well as be consistent with your home. However, comfort is equally important too, so make sure you own a comfortable chair that promotes good posture. Give yourself a nice view to look at and some fresh air – having a moment to take in your surroundings can provide inspiration for your work.

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3. Neutral-coloured styling and decor.

Another thing people struggle with is styling their home office. Use neutral tones in your
workspace, incorporating modern, industrial and Scandi styles. Be creative and don’t be afraid to add some picture frames and indoor plants to soften the room, but nothing to distract from the purpose of your office.

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4. Shelving solutions.

Now you have in mind what you want for your home office, another thing to consider is how you go about maintaining it. Storage solutions are a vital part of creating and keeping a clean and positive work environment. One of the best ways to make use of the space is adding shelving and organisers to sort any loose documents. These solutions are stylish and functional, keeping your home office free from clutter.

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5. Adding a personal touch.

Finally, along with the right colours, details, and style, it’s equally important to include your own personal touch. Everyone has a different style and way of going about their work. Do you prefer electronic over paper? Traditional or modern? Find the balance when shopping for your home office, and always be mindful of how much available space you have.

The key to creating the perfect home office

The key to creating the perfect home office.

Luckily you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The internet is rich with inspiration, so consult
online sources and style boards to find exciting ideas for transforming your home office. Get inspired by creating Pinterest boards, mood boards and finding case studies of home office designs like Designbx’s client Laura, a lawyer who transformed her kid’s room into a chic home office.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Emily Carding from Designbx for this article.

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