Your Parents Are Spying on you on Facebook

By Frederique Bros
on 17 February 2013

Yes, they do. If you are friends with your parents on Facebook – it is not just to be a ‘friend’. 43% of parents check out their kid’s profile daily! In our increasingly digital world, it is difficult for parents to monitor their children’s activities – so perusing social media is an obvious solution.

What do your parents check the most on your Facebook profile?

  • Status updates and photos you are tagged in.
  • So you might think twice before you tag yourself at that crazy party last night!
  • Another statistic: 92% of parents are Facebook friends with their kids.
  • 1 in 2 parents on Facebook admit part of why they joined was to keep tabs on their kids.

Be surprised to know:

  • 45% of parents look at their kid’s Facebook profile daily
  • 31% do it 4 to 5 times per week
  • 14% look sporadically
  • 11% check once per month
  • 1% never

There are an estimated 7.5 million kids aged 13 or younger on Facebook. 65% of 13-year-olds initiate a friendship with their parents on the social network. By the time, they’re 20, only about 40% of kids will friend request their parents.

1 in 3 teens on Facebook say they’re embarrassed by comments left by their parents. In fact, 30% say they would ‘unfriend’ them if they could! But whether you friend them or not, your parents are on Facebook to stay 🙂

This post is dedicated to all spying parents, mine included 🙂

Photo Credit: Google, Mashable

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