Zac Efron As You’ve Never Seen Him Before In Gold

By Pamela Connellan
on 28 January 2022

If you think you’re a Zac Efron fan – and hey, who isn’t? – then you’ll be watching the new film on Stan called Gold, starring Zac in his first Australian production alongside Susie Porter and Anthony Hayes. The best news is, Zac doesn’t let us down, giving what could be his best performance yet.

This series was the reason Zac was living in Australia for a lot of 2020 was because he was out here filming this gritty Stan original film. Released this month, Gold has been lauded by critics, the film still has great ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and with excellent performances from Zac, Susie Porter and Anthony Hayes, there’s no wonder.

With a background in major musical hits including The Greatest Showman, this film is a change of direction for Zac – although he did play the serial killer in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile in 2019. But to play this role in Gold he had to go in a different direction again.

Co-star, Susie Porter told 9Entertainment she found Zac good to work with: “Zac Efron was amazing, actually. He’s very down-to-earth, very open, really great to work with, wanting to discuss everything. It’s funny how you go, ‘Oh, he’s a Hollywood star, he’s obviously going to be horrible’, but he is really hardworking, he never complained once,” she explained.

“And the conditions he was under were extreme. And I wasn’t on every day. He was there in every shot. I think people will really see what a fantastic actor he is. Obviously, because he’s so good-looking, and whatever, people view him as a real Hollywood heartthrob, but he’s got serious acting chops about him too,” she added.

Susie Porter in Gold
Susie Porter stars as the mysterious stranger alongside Zac Efron in Gold.

What’s Gold all about?

Gold is a post-apocalyptic thriller about greed and the lengths that people go to, to secure a fortune. The basic story is that two men who are drifters in the desert, meet up. They find a piece of gold and they can’t get it out by hand, so one has to stay with the gold, and the other has to go and get an excavator. There are lots of ups and downs, trials and tribulations including a visit from a mysterious stranger (Susie Porter). But there’s a deeper meaning about greed and the obsession people have with money as well.

Zac Efron in Gold
Aussie Anthony Hayes is the co-writer, director and co-star in Gold.

The movie, which is co-written, directed by and co-stars Aussie Anthony Hayes, was filmed in South Australia. While there are two other minor characters, Gold is Zac Efron’s film. He’s the one we wait with, the one we barrack for, and the one who we question everything with. Is this gold even real? Is anything real? Is the other bloke coming back?

In this way, Gold is like other epic movies carried by one actor as their character fights for survival. It takes a bloody good actor to single-handedly hook you in for a couple of hours and keep you watching. Zac Efron achieves just this in Gold.

Gold is streaming now on Stan…

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