9 Free Creepy Zoom Backdrops To Scare Your Coworkers

By Emeric Brard
on 25 October 2020

With Halloween just around the corner there’s no better time to get your coworkers in the mood for spookiest time of the year. And since nowadays most of our meetings are held via Zoom, ClipChamp has provided users with free-to-use scary backdrops that will give your colleagues a nice little Halloween scare.

Women Love Tech has picked nine of its best Zoom backdrops for you to use.

#1 Baby doll

scary doll, zoom

You just knew a baby doll was going to be on this list. Children are cute, but dolls always gave me the creeps.

#2 Bloody hands

bloody hands, zoom

This one has similar vibes to that of The Shining – pools of blood is definitely a creepy go-to for Zoom backdrops.

#3 Staring child

staring child, creepy

Again with the children. There’s just something about a child in a scary context that really gets to people.

#4 Creepy girl

Scary girl

I think the trend is settled. It’s like when you watch a horror film and you see a creepy little girl and you instantly know she’s got something to do with the demon haunting the house.

#5 Man in the dark

zoom, backdrop

This is more of an ominous, dark Zoom backdrop. Nothing supernatural, just raw eeriness.

#6 Burnt doll


I’m telling you, dolls are just scary. Add a little fire and you’ve got yourself one hell of a scary Zoom backdrop.

#7 Zombies coming alive

zombies, backdrop

Zombies are zombies – they will never not be scary.

#8 Possessed girl

possessed girl, zoom

This Zoom backdrop is something straight out of the exorcist. Something tells me that glass isn’t going to hold her back for very long.

#9 Bloody girl

Bloody girl

I think the overarching winner for scariest recurring theme is creepy little girls. Bonus points for the nasty gash around eye.

To download these creepy Zoom backdrops, click here.

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