5 Easy Tips To Become An Insta Influencer And Grow Your Follower Base

By Women Love Tech
on 26 June 2019

2019 is the year where you can make a lot of money by simply stating what is happening in your day to day life. Yes, blogging is one way of looking at it, but Instagram is the new gig that is taking out on the world by storm.

The platform is really interesting, in fact, in the last few years, it has helped a lot of “average joes” to turn around their life and has made it worth watching. Added on top of it is the money they earn for showcasing their life.

So what exactly is all this about? It’s about being an Instagram Influencer! It is nothing that you haven’t seen before, the beautiful girls, the hot men or that particular teacup pom who has a lot of shares and likes. They are all Instagram influencers who have real IG followers, they have just created them with their amazing content!

How to become an insta influencer

These peoples and even the dog are being paid by well-known brands to share the story of their daily lives. Yes, it is as fun and exciting as it sounds like, and if you have not become an Instagram influencer yet, here are a few tips for you to try which can instantly grow your follower base!

Make Use Of Your Uniqueness

First of all, identify what makes you different from all the others posting on Instagram. Once you do that, you need to focus on that aspect. This is the thing that will set you apart from the rest and create an impact on your followers.

This can be anything under the sun. Maybe you are great with standup comedy, or you are a fashionista, a hiker or bikini athlete, you can just showcase these qualities to get as many to follow you as possible.

Create Themes For The Photos You Share

Create your theme

It’s all about keeping the process unique. For instance, if you use #<3 as your username, people are bound to notice you. Now once they visit your account, you have to give them something that they can fall in love with.

For this purpose, themes work out great to attract more followers. You need to scribble down a few words with which you want your followers to associate your account to. 

Socialise More Often

If you are planning to grow your followers on one of the peppiest social media platforms, then socializing must be your thing! Once you see comments on your posts, don’t be a snob. Respond to these and try to socialize with your followers.

Additionally, you must comment on their pictures too. However, don’t go with a lame comments like “ Nice.” Come up with something more genuine or interesting which will encourage your followers

Make Hashtags and Encourage Others To Use It Too

This is one of the greatest ways to build your community and to get more creative content for your account. Start the process by creating unique hashtags, make sure you pick up the ones not being used by anyone else and then ask your followers to use it as well. For instance, if you a photography buff, you can create a hashtag like #123click and get your followers to use it whenever they click and upload something on Instagram.

Once people start using your hashtags, you can repost their photos and give them credit. That way more and more people will be reached and your follower base will grow automatically.

Start Contests

Instagram tips

Hosting contests are a great way to connect with your followers and to get the new ones to join your bandwagon. You can ask your followers to repost specific images with your hashtags and caption. You can ask them to follow you or you invite them to use your hashtag. A loop gateway with other Instagram users is a good way to run a fun contest.

Make Use of Instagram Stories

Make a good use of instagram features such as live or stories

Do you know how many people use Instagram stories? 400 million people do that on a daily basis! Many users have also reported that they love watching Instagram stories better than the endless scroll on their daily feed.

So this is your chance! Get all creative with your Instagram stories! Give your followers something to interesting by posting behind-the-scenes images and videos. You can also ask questions, create polls put up fun GIFSand of course music. All of these go a long way to get more followers on IG!

So use these tips to rock your Instagram feed and to grow your follower base!

Women Love Tech would like to thank Prince Kapoor for his contribution.

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