5 Essential Softwares That Will Save Your Business Money

By Frederique Bros
on 1 March 2015

Software Systems That Are Worth Investing in for Your Small Business

Software and IT applications can be really expensive for small business owners. They can also be invaluable in helping to manage and grow operations to their full potential. Below you’ll find some of the software systems that small business owners should be investing in – and how to stretch your technology budget further.

5 Essential Softwares That Will Save Your Business Money

Human Resources Software

Do you really understand the award your employees are hired under? How do you keep track of their leave balances and salary benefits? Can your staff lodge their time sheets online? HR and payroll software can help reduce the amount of administrative time business owners spend on payroll and managing employee information. A good system, such as the Aurion application offered by the the Chandler Macleod Group, will grow with the business and be offered in ‘modules’ so that you only need to pay for and install what you need at the time. 

Cloud-Based Accounting

It is crucial that you have a robust accounting system; spreadsheets and paper records just aren’t efficient ways to run a business. Working in the cloud means that you can share data and files with your bookkeeper and accountant easily. There are even some really handy apps that integrate with your software to let you do things like upload a picture of a receipt from your phone and automatically download it into your accounting files.


Customer relationship management matters at all stages of your business and trying to implement a system to manage your database later down the track can be both time consuming and costly. Not only can you store all of your customer and supplier information in one place, but you can also track (and schedule) contact with your database and access reports and other data that can really help you to grow and expand the business.

Data Backup Software and Anti-Virus Protection

Your business systems are your lifeline so it is really important to invest in protection for them. Make sure you have a plan for backing up your business files and information. There are a number of software solutions you can purchase or subscribe to that will help to protect your network and your data.

Business Versions of All Your IT and Telecommunications

Make sure your telephones, internet connection, and all subscriptions and registrations are linked to your business and not a personal account. While sometimes the fees may be slightly higher, designated business services are typically given a higher priority for fault fixing and service restoration.

While investing in software applications may seem like a superfluous expense in the startup stages of a new business, sometimes you really can’t afford not to fork out for them. Not only will the right software help you to build and grow your business efficiently, but it can also help to safeguard your investments and ensure that you stay online and operational all the time.

Are there any software applications you’d add to this list? What do you think is the most valuable IT investment a small business can make?

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