5 Top Podcasts On The Hot Topic Of Sex And Love

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 17 January 2021

Podcasters Carol Battle and Siobhan Fitzgerald give us their 5 Top Sexy Podcasts on the hot topic of Sex and Love.

2020 was a rough year for our love lives.  Singles have had dating interrupted, and many couples are at breaking point from stress.  As two mums of small kids working from home in lockdown Melbourne, we knew we needed some, erm, inspiration. Since we’d started a site that elevates women’s sex stories we had no shortage of written material, but audio is special in its ability to create an intimate atmosphere. We couldn’t find a podcast that brought a diverse range of sex stories by women together with beautiful performance and production… so we decided to make our own.

Now we’ve collated our top 5 sexy podcasts about love — for proxy therapy, libido inspiration, or sensual escapism. We hope you lust them as much as we do!

The Good Bits on Apple

the good bits podcast

Obviously we’re biased, but we’re putting ourselves first—and just a week after launching the Apple Podcasts Australia charts put us at #2 for sexuality, so hopefully we’re not alone!

We bring romance and sex positivity together in beautifully escapist stories that share ‘the good bits’ from great books. Each episode of this sexy podcast is a stand-alone erotic audio drama written by a bestselling author, allowing you to  escape into your body as the music and performances meld into an intimateexperience.  This is great wind-down (or heat up!) listening on your own, or with a partner. 

Modern Love

modern love podcast

Modern Love has been around as a weekly column in the NY Times for 15 years, and an award-winning podcast for nearly four years.  Each episode is written by readers, exploring modern love, and  in beautifully written reflections performed by notable personalities.  The stories span life stages and experiences of love in the big city, and provide an endlessly fascinating look at progressive sexuality and love.  The episodes wrap with an update from the writer. 

Where Should We Begin

where should we begin

The original and best when it comes to unconventional relationship advice is You’ve probably heard of NY-based psychotherapist and author Esther Perel.  Perel rose to prominence after her TED talk on maintaining desire in long-term relationships.  Her podcast Where Should We Begin? is based inside her therapist’s office with anonymous couples seeking to rebuild their relationships.  Perel’s direct yet compassionate style and therapeutic methods are compelling listening, as are the raw insights into other couples challenges.  

Bobo & Flex Show – Apple

Bobo & Flex

Bobo & Flex are a dynamic duo of strong philosophical feminists who eloquently dissect modern love.  Bobo Matjila, a NY-based South African media personality has teamed up with Flex Mami, an Australian-based MTV presenter, DJ and entrepreneur in the first cross-continental podcast, where they dish out wise and raw advice on dating and relationships. 

Doing It Podcast – Apple

Doing It podcast

Hannah Witton’s Doing It! podcast builds on her phenominal success as a body positivity champion and sex positive author and YouTuber.  Doing It! is a weekly podcast in which  Hannah interviews guests in her frank but fun style to educate and unpick taboos about sex, relationships and dating.  Tune in to hear what’s going on in the world of sex positivity, and find out how to have feminist sex, or discover the history of vibrators, virginity and sex.


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