Music Marketer Amber Horsburgh: 5 Ways to Grow on TikTok

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on 20 June 2023

Music Marketer and Founder of Deep Cuts Amber Horsburgh shares her five top tips to grow your TikTok. From batching content to obsessing about the first 5 seconds, you can take inspiration from Amber.

1) Batch Your Content

Batch content: Posting high-quality content regularly cannot be done on the fly. Instead, build a library of content you can cycle through. This allows you to focus on other, frankly more important, things than social media. I built a library of 1 year’s worth of videos in 3 shoots.

I was pregnant with a looming maternity leave, which forced me to batch content. In three shoots, I made over 12 months’ worth of content. I set up 2 locations, 50 props, and 20 outfit changes. Every 10 videos I would change up the look.

This allowed me to take a break from making content while I built other areas of my business and took a break to adjust to new parenthood. My audience didn’t seem to care that I looked the same. They just want music marketing tips. 

2) Study Your Niche

Study your niche: Understand what your audience wants, what they don’t like and what the aesthetic of your world looks like. With this information, you can determine what your spin on it looks like.

3) Keep it Short

Keep it short: I always remove 15-20% of what I think is my final video edit. Rick Rubin calls his process for producing “the ruthless edit”, he’ll strip back everything that is not absolutely necessary.
If you can say something more concise your audience will appreciate it.

4) Repeat Your Greatest Hits

Repeat Your Greatest Hits: Your entire audience will never see everything you post. Don’t feel like you need new content every day. If a post does well repeat it.

Here are 3 ways:

  • Re-cut the video with a new call to action at the end
  • Add a different broll to refresh the message
  • Make it a series. Turn to add a part 2, 3, 4, 5

For example, my video about how to get a job in the music business did well so I turned it into a 7 part series about different jobs in the music business. 

“What a major label marketing team does”

5) Focus on the First 5 Seconds

Obsess about the first 5 seconds: You need to create content that stops the scroll. So, ask yourself, would I stop to watch this video? There are a few easy ways to do this, including:

  • Call out who you are talking to 
  • Present a new perspective on an old idea
  • State the benefit the viewer will see if they watch your video

In this first 0:05 video, I call out the audience – artists. Flip an arbitrary music industry rule on its head
Show the audience how they’ll grow if they use this strategy using my own case studies. You can follow Amber Horsburgh here

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