6 Helpful Tips To Grow Your Instagram Community

Frederique Bros
on 22 February 2016

Whether you’re launching a new business, startup, or side project, everyone wants to know how to be popular on Instagram.

By using the Instagram strategy outlined below, you will develop your Instagram database followers and your business online presence.

6 Helpful Tips To Grow Your Instagram Community

1. Invite Your Community

To make your business succeed on Instagram you need to invite your community: Website, Facebook, Twitter and e-newsletter, include also influencers and bloggers.

By including Instagram influencers in your Instagram’s account you will get valuable feedback, but also the Instagrammers will feel included in your team.

2. Drive All Traffic To Your Instagram Account

If you’re wanting to launch your business on Instagram, it’s important to make your Instagram the place to visit for information on your launch date, product offerings, and anything else you’ll want to communicate! By driving all traffic to your Instagram profile from blog posts, emails, and your website, you have a head start on building your Instagram community.

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3. Have A Beautiful Preview Of Your Instagram Feed

Before you send your friends, family, and followers to your Instagram channel, make sure that it looks amazing first! You should have a few photos already posted (3-5) to show what kind of content they can expect from you, along with visual content that communicates what your brand and business is. Wait to launch your Instagram until after you have a gorgeous preview feed in place.

4. Create An Instagram-Worthy Name

Naming your business is already a huge challenge, but don’t forget about Instagram! In addition to wanting an Instagram handle that is already available (and preferable available across all social media networks), you’ll want to think about your hashtags too.

5. Offer Exclusive Instagram Perks

After you’ve built your Instagram following and have a killer Instagram feed, you’ll want to keep your customers and community engaged and excited about your business! One easy way to do this is to offer Instagram-only incentives, perks, rewards, or discounts. Whether it’s a discount code they can only find on Instagram, or an Instagram giveaway, giving a little can result in a lot!

6. Participate in Hashtags

Growing your business on Instagram takes patience and dedication, and the work is never done! Scheduling your Instagram posts ahead of time is an easy way to keep your business organized and stay on top of your Instagram schedule. After you’ve launched your business, you’ll still want to invest in networking with other Instagram users by participating in different hashtags.

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