7 Reasons Why You Should Use Taxi goCatch App

By Frederique Bros
on 3 June 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or been hiding in deep space for the past 12 months, chances are you’ve heard of a certain global transport monolith / petting zoo / food delivery service.

As governments grapple with what to do about the contentious issue of ride sharing, goCatch, the first entrant into the Australian taxi app booking market.

goCatch is fast becoming the first choice for drivers and passengers across Australia who want safe, fair and reliable taxi travel.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Taxi goCatch App

1- It’s cheaper

What you see is what you get. Also, if you use the cashless option and pay through goCatch app, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant credit card surcharge.

 2 – It’s legal 

goCatch is part of the government regulated taxi industry and only uses accredited drivers who have passed ID checks and driver training courses.

3 – It’s safer

When you order a taxi through goCatch, you have the driver’s name and mobile number. It’s safer than a random street hail.

4 – It’s Free & Australian

goCatch is Australian owned and made. It was set up by two, tech savvy young Sydneysiders in 2011 (Ned Moorfield and Andrew Campbell) and is at the forefront of local start up success stories.

goCatch – Free – Apple

goCatch – Free – Google Play

5 – It’s easier to use

Within 2 or 3 clicks or your smart phone, your taxi has been ordered and is on its way. No need to talk to an operator or know the phone number of the local cab service. The technology simplifies the booking process and eliminates the middleman by connecting passengers directly with drivers.

6 – It has more drivers

goCatch has won over the local taxi market with some 30,000 registered drivers regularly using the App to pick up passengers. With goCatch, you can see the taxi approaching in real time on your smart phone and you can call the driver directly to give them exact pick up directions.

7 – It’s available nationally 

goCatch operates across Australia and is being used by nearly 300,000 passengers in capital cities and regional hubs across the entire country.

Images: GoCatch
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