8 Handmade Gift Ideas For Mums Who Love Tech

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 26 April 2017

With Mother’s Day coming up, here’s my go-to list of gift ideas to show your mum you appreciate her.

There’s something extra special about receiving a handmade gift and Etsy is the perfect place to buy a unique present. (OK maybe I got mislead and was thinking of myself when I selected some of these!).

  1. Décor Pillow Store stocks technology and social media icon themed pillows, including Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Chrome, Firefox, RSS feed and LinkedIn.
  2. Edenkis Studio stocks ultra-modern earrings and jewellery, with pixelated hearts, popular sayings and acronyms.
  3. Hard Resols creates amazing jewellery from recycled hardware and circuit boards.
  4. Geeky Wears makes super cute and geeky jewellery, some out of Lego.

5. Crimson Mane Creations specialise in geek and pop culture cookie cutters. Think Harry Potter, Pokemon, Dr Who, Ghostbusters and more.

6. Chummy Tees – If you have an offbeat sense of humour, you might find a t-shirt here suitable. With quotes like ‘I’d rather be A/B testing’, ‘I don’t quit, I restart’, ‘404 shirt not found’. The shop stocks most designs in grey and white t-shirts, hoodies and singlets.

7. Button Brat has a cute set of badges for book lovers.

8. Sign Fail sells replicas signs inspired by real-life Chinglish and Engrsih ones.

Free gift wrap and cards for Mum

If you want to save money by printing out your own gift wrap and Mother’s Day cards, a quick search on printables on the Craft Gawker website will deliver your answer.

Thank you to Linklay for allowing us to try your software to create shoppable images on this page. It might need further testing but it has potential.

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