Amazon Launches Amazon Key In US: In-Home Delivery Service

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on 20 November 2017

Have your packages delivered not just right at your doorstep but inside your homes. Amazon has just launched Amazon Key that allows you to grant access to trusted delivery men.

Amazon never fails to amaze their customers and just recently, they’ve announced their new service – Amazon Key.

Amazon Key is the newest addition to the smart home service by the retail giant. It allows delivery people to unlock your door and leave packages inside your home.

Amazon Key

To be able to use the service, customers must have an Amazon Prime Account. As of now, the service is available in selected US cities only.

How does it work?

To get started with Amazon Key, it requires a prime account and customers need to purchase the Amazon Key In-Home Kit (Amazon Cloud Cam and Smart Lock).

When a courier arrives with the package, he or she scans the item, which unlocks the door and leaves the package inside, ideally without actually entering your home.

Customers can track their delivery, get real-time notifications and watch live feed from their phone as the cloud cam records everything. Customers can actually set a temporary  digital admin access to visitors. With that, customers will be notified any time a guest unlocks your door.

Convenient or Not?

After the announcement, some people have expressed mixed reactions. Some were sceptical saying they wouldn’t trust anyone, even a stranger to enter their homes. But some found it provided the allure of convenience.

The new service is being marketed as making online ordering ultra-convenient, but there’s a lot more for this service to prove most especially given the obvious security risk concerns.

Amazon:  Moving Forward to Smart Homes

The implication of this announcement from Amazon is that the company is continuing to engage people about the idea of smart homes. This is literally about Amazon setting the standards for the future of smart homes and driving the ecosystem of businesses and companies as well that are highly technology-dependent.

So Amazon, it seems, is owning the future.

For more info about Amazon Key, click on this link.

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