From Pasta Makers to Personal Toilets: Here’s Everything Aussies Bought Online This May

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 10 June 2024

Shopify‘s latest findings revealed some surprising insights into Australian online shopping trends. Here’s an insight into all of the things we added to cart this May!

Self care stars

In the quest for wellness, Aussies are investing heavily in self care products. Sauna heaters saw an astonishing surge of 520% in popularity, reflecting a desire for DIY spa experiences amidst the cold snap. Moreover, there was a remarkable 690% month-on-month increase in bidet purchases, highlighting a rather surprising shift towards upscale bathroom amenities. Hair styling tools experienced a 22% boost in sales, while water bottle purchases soared by 147%, suggesting a growing reliance on emotional support aids. Interestingly, despite the emphasis on self-care, free weight purchases witnessed a decline of -11%.

Italian eats go in-house

The culinary landscape of Aussie homes is evolving, with a noticeable uptick in cooking accessories. As more budget-conscious consumers bring fine dining into the home. Pasta-making accessories (+92%), pasta makers (+317%) and pizza cutters (+34%) have become must-have items, as Australians recreate the flavours of Italy in their kitchens. Asian-fusion cuisine is also on the rise, with wok accessories (+105%) and hot plates (+586%) experiencing significant growth. Additionally, there’s a burgeoning interest in gourmet sandwiches, leading to a surge in deli slicer (+243%) and sandwich maker (+107%) purchases. The at-home coffee movement is thriving, with French Press Coffee Machines (+27%) and espresso machines (+40%) becoming kitchen essentials.

Nostalgic tech tops the list

Y2K trends are making a comeback in the tech realm, with MP3 players (+228%), two-way radios (+175%), and DVD/Blu-Ray players (+57%) experiencing a surge in popularity. This nostalgia extends to gadgets and accessories, with Tablet Computer Screens & Screen Digitizers (+1141%) and hard drive accessories (+1077%) leading the charge. Meanwhile, there’s a decline in E-book reader purchases (-52%), signalling a return to the tactile pleasure of physical books.

Warming up to Winter

As winter approaches, Aussies are stocking up on cold-weather essentials. Space heaters saw a significant uptick (+105%), while kimono coats experienced a staggering increase of 379% in sales. Snow and ice sports gear are also in high demand, with snowboard boots (+203%), snowboard sales (+120%), and ski/snowboard helmets (+402%) witnessing remarkable growth. Even ice skate blades saw a notable increase of 109% in purchases.

The following categories saw the biggest growth (in terms of Month on Month percentage increase)

  1. Tablet Computer Screens & Screen Digitizers: 1141% MoM increase
  2. Hard Drive Accessories: 1077% MoM increase
  3. Boat Ladders: 1016% MoM increase
  4. Thermal Optic Accessories: 999% MoM increase
  5. Shipping Tags: 875% MoM increase

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