Australia’s Most Inspirational Women Online Share Their Secrets

By Frederique Bros
on 7 May 2014

Open Colleges selected Women Love Tech as one of Australia’s Most Inspirational Women Online. But not only Women Love Tech, discover all the smart and hard working women who find their niche online and succeed to make a business of it.

Australia’s Most Inspirational Women Online Share Their Secrets

Frederique Bros of  Women Love Tech

Frederique Bros worked for over 10 years as a Graphic and Web designer before she noticed a gap the online market in both supporting and guiding women in lifestyle technology. It was in 2011 that she then founded her very popular website: Women Love Tech – a Technology Lifestyle Magazine. Freddie has done something no-one else has – made technology easy, interesting and fun – and her blog was the State winner of the 2013 Australian Web Awards. Technology is a fast industry, and for some it can be hard to stay up-to-date with the latest app or gadget so Freddie’s main objective has been to create an online magazine for women who have a love for all things technology. Freddie loves to put herself in your high heels and write about all the fun stuff in beauty, travel, fashion, lifestyle new apps and new websites.

“Find out what you are good at it and be honest with yourself.”

1. What has been your number one secret to career success?
I don’t know if it’s a secret but more like a motto, follow your heart, do something you are passionate about. Life is short, when you run a business there are always some highs and lows, and you will spend at least 10 hours per day at work so you better love what you are doing. Determination and hard work are the keys to success.

2. What advice would you offer in terms of how to select a career path?
Find out what you are good at. It may be that you want to be a fashion designer but if you’re not creative don’t go there – everyone has a talent. Look at the subjects you loved at school/college and be honest with yourself. I always wanted to be a vet or a marine biologist but I was hopeless when it came to science and maths. If you are not sure of your career path it’s a good idea to meet professionals in the industry you would like to work in and ask all the questions you want. It will help you massively!

3. Have you changed careers at any point? Please tell us in brief about your personal career journey.
I worked as a flight attendant in my 20’s, in marketing and design in my 30s and now I am a Tech writer for my blog Women Love Tech and Australian Magazines. Career changes happen with life changes, be flexible and keep an open mind.

4. What did you study? What role has your education played in shaping your career?
In France I studied Philosophy, French Literature and languages (English, Italian & Spanish). In Australia, I studied Business Management, Graphic/Web Design and Multimedia. I always knew I was a creative person but I didn’t know how to translate it into a ‘real job’. I am lucky to have both an entrepreneurial and creative mind. It can be a tricky mix but it defines me and my current career.

5. Is there anything else that you have always dreamed of studying?
At a young age I was good at writing and I thought I would become a journalist. I guess somehow today I created my dream by becoming a blogger and I have the chance to write about what I am passionate about. I write a minimum of 5 articles per week for Women Love Tech and a few on the side for other websites and magazines.

6. How can we encourage and support more female entrepreneurs in Australia?
We should encourage women to study as much as they can. I am a strong believer in education and research. Try to find someone or a story to inspire you and don’t be scared to be an entrepreneur and a strong woman.

7. What inspired you to start your blog/website?
I think sometimes women are lacking confidence in themselves and even more so when it comes to technology. My girlfriends inspired me to start my blog as they were always asking me about the latest cool applications in travel, beauty and fashion as well as how to reset an iPhone or fix a printer. Without knowing it, I was creating my niche – a lifestyle technology magazine. I always try to put myself in my readers high heels to discover what they would like to learn and how can I make their life a bit easier.

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